Moon Mining Mechanic Idea + Risk/Reward Interaction

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I have had an idea regarding rorquals, a new gameplay mechanic via a new module and a severe Risk/Reward interaction, that i hope may excite pvp oriented players. A complete brainstorm, probably unable to be implemented, but it was a thought.

module name: Capital Gravity Tractor Beam.
ship fitting restrictions: Rorqual.

allows for the linking of a rorqual to a moon chunk in order to accelerate the extraction.

an idea for it’s risk reward mechanic would be that the rorqual may reside 35-65% between the moon chunk and this would allow pilots who want to use their rorqual for pvp to encourage pvp while also expediting the industry process for active groups, thus stimulating content for all.

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given all that CCP has tried to do with the rorqual since it was primarily a boost platform that is now a boost platform again after extensive training and expense to use excavator drones and now compression that is an add on instead of the built in cmpression it had before.; lets just leave the rorqual alone , There is zero evidence that CCP has any idea what rorqual pilots need or want. somoehow turning them into more of a target than they already are can only result in more rounds of trial and error nerfing.

it’s not about what pilots want, it’s about what is healthy for the economy and pvp ecosystem.

this is a sandbox, the ships are a toolset, we the players are the active part of that.

CCP’s aim is to provide cool mechanics, not what makes things easy.

if players have lost sight of this then maybe they ought to be reminded.


now again i say, this is completely idealistic, and in no way represents anything that CCP intends to do or implement into the game, until a time they might announce it.

There is zero evidence anybody cares.

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