The single charge that will FIX EVE


I think it’s time for CCP to consider this!

Lets recap what we all discussed until now shall we:

I decided to separate the points into PROS and CONS, but i relalized that
for many people a point in PROS would be actually a CON point. So i merge them
together and you can decide for yourself.


  • Can not be killed by direct Fire
  • Can not be spammed by the dictor (40 seconds life time / 3 minutes reload time)
  • Can be killed by Smart Bombs
  • Does not stop Covert Cynosural Field from Initiation.
  • It’s a charge which expires after lifetime ends.
  • Too heavy for big number of supplies to be carried out by the dictor.
  • Gives aggression timer to the dictor upon launch.
  • Banned in High Sec
  • Suspect flag to the player in Low Sec


  • Can only be launched from Interdicor Launcher
  • You can load only 1 in the interdictor launcher
  • 10 KM radius (20 km diameter)
  • 40 seconds life
  • 3 minutes reload time

I posted this before CSM. Now that i see who is in the new CSM i know this has no chance.

However, please consider at least if in the range of this probe the cynosural field is so disturbed that the ships that lock on the beacon will have 2 minutes delay locking it for jump and when they jump they will end up on random spots in the system.


think that would be great idea

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RIP Jump Freighters…no thanks.

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I agree. EVE is full with jump freighters that light cynos…


(sigh) People will just spam those probes on undocks of stations to prevent JF movement. It will be the new hobojamming.
If it won’t be usable within docking range of stations and if it will cause a weapons timer and maybe also a suspect flag in lowsec, then perhaps it’s not such a bad idea.

It should be banned in high sec just like the dictor probes are) and flagged as suspect in low ( The main idea here is to kill the “every ship with cyno and 5 supers on standby” state of eve right now.

Also the mechanic should prevent the user from spamming it. (3 min reload time) should do it.
(And if you really want to try to jump in on a dictor that trying to cyno jam you, then you do not deserve that JF anyway) :wink:


Should be applicable in low sec as well.

So ■■■■■■■ tired of getting insta-carrier dropped…

Everyone is. This is why eve lost it’s loyal player base in the last 1-2 years. Because they basically created money machine with just one goal -> make isk -> buy titan -> jump titan in every fight -> get bored -> quit eve.


It would also be used to provide an anti- cap escalation cover for friendly caps. I don’t think it could be easily balanced. Perhaps making it impossible to put a cloak on the carrying ship or it would just be used as a trap door spider. Might be better put on a hictor or something where its not a shoot and scoot thing. You want to put an anti cap bubble you have to own it and hold the field.

Also in your description saying situation awareness… If i have a cyno and light said cyno due to hostiles how am I not displaying situational awareness?

If you want to open cyno, you just move 20 km away from it’s effect and open it. I don’t see a problem.
If you checked the description, it can be launched from interdictor launcher. I am not aware of interdictor that can fly cloaked.

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Um so you will drop this on a non scrammed ship?

It’s just like a warp disrupt bubble, only it doesn’t allow you to light cyno if you are in it.
It will not remove active cyno as well, so if you feel like you are in a bad spot, you can light it before you get disrupted.

Well if the blocks covert cynos too I would be cool with it.

I just copy pasted the description from the mobile cynosural inhibitor description. I just wanted to make it clear what it will be used for. Changes and modifications are also possible, but the idea behind this probe is clear.

I think its a reasonable idea.

Unfortunately i find it unlikely to be implemented, at least from an interdictor.

The reason:

  1. Dictors are cheap. There is a favorite saying among the nullbears when you talk about nerfing their caps, which is:

“Why should this 90m isk ship, lockout my 50b isk supercap?”


“why can this 900k isk griffin counter my carrier”

They get super salty over it and will cry and complain until CCP folds and doesnt change anything.

  1. In a fleet setting, where super caps are actually intended to be used, a fleet could just spam cyno probes with 10-20 dictors (cause theyre cheap) and completely negate any enemy from lighting cynos. Whether its a good or bad, depends on the side youre on.

I see every fleet fight just being a race between who can cyno bubble the other more.

Maybe if this probe were available on HICs instead. HICs already function as cap tackle, choosing between hard tackling the cap or preventing cynos is a good choice to have. Theyre expensive, so there is less of the nullbear tears in cost ratio and makes them harder to spam in fleets.

Combined with another idea i have, which is making a t2 bastion module for marauders which blocks cynos in a 50km range, these would be healthy changes to start curbing the plague that is capital/cyno proliferation in the game.

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Let me answer like this:

  1. The ship doesn’t actually lockout your supercap right? It only locks the option for you to use it in this particular situation which is completely different.

  2. IN a real fight, you can always warp a ship 1000 km of the fight and light a cyno. I am pretty sure you wont be able to hold multiple cynojam bbls up mostly because of the reload time vs active time (unless you have enough dictors) But you can never ever stop someone using a cyno in grid. And as you are aware Supers do fight in the entire grid range.

I should rephrase, it locks out its reinforcements using a cheap ship. Also nullblocs have trillions in isk, spamming dictors with bubbles wouldnt be a problem.

Yes but a dread bomb at 0 is much more effective than one at 1000km. Its about getting dps on field immediately, before the enemy can extract out. Spending time warping with dreads gives the enemy a chance to escape or reposition.

Not that i care too much about f1 fleets, but these are the criticisms youll run into with this idea.

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It just allow small gangs roams again. During fleet fights, of course Cyno will still be effective.

Its indeed a great idea, there is hotdrops on small gangs every hours (if not minutes)

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I am pretty sure you can do it in under 100km. All you need is a ship that stays outside the cyno bbls. With 20km range and 30 sec for example alive time it will be hard to control the entire space in 100km radius.
Also, it will add additional vector of planning when you attack so for me this is a win win.

It’s not a bad idea.

That Cynosural Suppresion Probe should be allowed in Null-Sec only and under specific circumstances like 300km from a Citadel (Freeport) and it must have like a 100km range.

I have addition ideas. I think normal cynosural fields must be allowed to open in a 1000km range only from Stations and Citadels in Low-Sec and Hi-Sec, just to support Capital movements around. Low-Sec Cynos must have their limitations like Interdiction Spheres, Bombs.

Only a CovOps Cyno should be allowed to open anywhere by specified set of ships.

P.S. It’s hard to solo PVP in Low-Sec on a ship of Cruiser size or bigger. In every region there is settled a pretty strong group like Shadow Cartel, No Handlebars, Snuffed Out, Purple Helmeted, LowSechnaya. Entire Low-Sec regions are divided like Null-Sec regions. Every day those systems are scouted by a ‘cyno-scout frigate’ just to summon at a gate a gatecamp or Capital gank, which will destroy any BS in 24 sec. That’s it. This is a big EVE issue. Fix the Low-Sec!