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For starters, I have been playing for only 6 years which i know veteran players will argue whatever ■■■■■■■■ for being “to new” to accept my opinion, I never go public with my feelings about the state of the game as it has its cancer attitude and i have believed that CCP will get around to fixing issues as they arise, Until now. I could go on and on about telling you a long list on how ■■■■ things are and how Im going to unsub all my accounts, but the last hope inside me is that CCP is going to make a miraculous decision stopping the previous month attitude towards Eve.

So lets get into the problems with the game and how “I” believe it could improve things, I do not believe you will ever make everyone happy no matter how hard you try as the sayings go “You will die trying to make everyone happy”

Supers/Titans Tracking issues:
It has always been an amazing experience being able to fly a smaller ship (Sub-capital) knowing that Capital+ are going to really struggle to track my small ship being the size of there guns. With Haw titans and supers fighters making it easy to mow down a sub fleet with little issue.
CCP believe Cynos are OP heres why i believe that Cynos are not the issue its what comes through them.

  • Removing the capability for Fax to almost insta lock when in triage to give reps as soon as they land
  • Remove Titans/Supers capability to track sub capitals “Like the good old days”. Boson can stay as its not just an F1 job and its a nice addition for titan pilots as it requires some level of skill/luck to operate when trying to remove faster fleets from grid, Supers already have there Ewar high slot module.
  • Carriers should have regular drones back, why should i be able to Alpha on command when i feel like pressing F1+F3, its way to much alpha in my opinion.


  • Non low power citadels, we really don’t need 3 Timers for this, it just causes people to burn out faster from the game as show in all citadel long term engagements. 2 Timers is a fair opportunity and you know damn well the defending groups are going to want to save it for the final timer instead of ignoring the armour one, they will be on grid fighting if they choose to defend it.
  • POS mechanics, As shown from the POS era of eve when you do not fuel and have stront loaded your POS you will not get a reinforcement timer and hostiles can go ahead and blow it up straight away without having to wait a 7 day timer. Bringing this system back will remove the issue with low power structures all over the game. As an additional fix removing low power citadels ability for in game notifications for the defender as its in low power, if you cant be asked to keep your structures topped up then you didn’t want it anyway.
  • All low power structures will not be able to give the ability to tether. Tether offers to much of a safety for pilots when moving around new eden.

3 Months >> 1 Month Releases
As most of you will know CCP worked around releasing content for us during a 3 Month cycle, giving developers the time needed to fix any issues regarding new releases and providing what felt like more content when we finally got the new release. I feel a large part of that has been destroyed as Im always hearing we don’t have the time to develop eve as devs are already to busy working on plaster fixes. I propose CCP stops rushing there game and actually take the time to develop, as well as play there own game as i believe over the years of not playing it has slowly turned into a disconnect from CCP and the game not the community but the game itself as they are not experiencing what its like to survive inside eves eco system as a whole.

I could go on and on for hours in ways the game could be fixed but no one wants to read a solid wall of text so here is a couple issues with the game that i believe could be easily fixed to help improve game play, Thanks for taking the time to read o7
P.S Sorry for any spelling or grammar issues English was never my most enjoyed subject in life.

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There are only 2 timers-- armor and structure.

have to agree with low power citadels not providing tether that’s a good idea, also low power citadels like POS should be insta death if attacked. meh yeah POS have stront - Agree about notification you get one when its about to run out end story if you cant be assed to keep track of your structure then yup make it go boom

You haven’t really added anything new to the discussion.

Yes, we know that

  • Supers and capitals in general need a hard balance pass.
  • Citadels need a balance pass concerning spam/timers.
  • Cynos need a balance pass.
  • Risk/reward needs a balance pass.
  • Resource availability needs a balance pass.
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No we wont


Yet here you are spreading your cancer attitude. Good job.

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Your right it is entitled players that will argue and throw a tantrum about anything that effects them negatively.

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With new updates FPS goes lower. Interface is heavily unoptimized. At least the graphics are now better, right?

yes you will !


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You haven’t done anything but throwing tantrums about others since you made your current forum warrior. It makes you a … ?

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Yeah I think you are projecting there. Why would I throw a tantrum, finally CCP is on the right track.

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For the first time ever, this year I am actually buying an real gaming rig in order to play EVE Online, because my HP can no longer run more than 2 accounts even with minimum graphics. Hopefully it’s worth it.

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