Cyno inhibitor anchoring timer

Dear CCP did u ever considering reducing timer for cyno inhib anchoring timer?by the time u ancoring 1 ,targets can light 100 cynos.How about main cancer in eve right now ,RORQUALS?In CCP vision,is normal to have ability to sitt 7 min invulnerable and also light a cyno?
i hope i dont get downvoted by TEST /GOON brigade…sorry for my engrish

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lol, Test alliance finally has a decent number of supers, PL runs away to the north and Triumvirate members starts complaining that inhibits take too long to anchor. Funny how that wasn’t an issue all those years.

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“Fun and engaging gameplay.”

mate u come to the point when null sec is no worth roaming…if CCP policy is "go ■■■■ urself hunters"is ok…i bet in 1 year game is left to krabs only…just look at the numbers that loggin in weekends,pathetic isnt?

I don’t disagree. I think inhibs should anchor in half the time, and PANIC lasts far too long for a smash-and-grab to work.

That said… why shouldn’t there be a counter to lightning fast gangs? You can punch in deep and attack assets while they’re literally self-tackled. They’ve got no avenue of escape at all.

It of course needs to be balanced, and I think that a mixture of inhibs anchoring faster and PANIC lasting a few minutes less would help immensely.

Trying to gank stuff in nullsec is already EVE in easy mode. Choose from supercheap tackle that is either cloaky or nullified, spend slightly more and get a ship that is both cloaky and nullified. No gate guns, no CONCORD. Rest of your gang is waiting for an almost totally risk-less black-ops bridge. The miner has to put a 9b ship on the line. And yet, you are still complaining about having to risk something in return. Oh no, the enemy might be able to form and defend themselves (and still almost without risk as you can cloak up and warp off your gang when help arrives).

If you want to have fun, either form a large fleet so you can put up a fight when the cavalry arrives to save the rorquals, or form a smaller fleet with a decent doctrine and go on a roam to engage an equal sized target. But warning, this fun might come at the terrible cost of having some ship losses on your killboard.

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