Leshak vs Nestor as armor logi battleship

I am interested in what the more experienced players think: doesn’t the Leshak overshadows the Nestor in the role of being a large armor logi? Personally I always thought the remote armor rep bonus on the Nestor is a joke, and could/should be replaced with something more useful, that fits the explorer role better.

While I was playing with the simulator, I managed to make a T2 fit Leshak that is able to heal up to 5 targets with over 85 HP/s, or a single target with over 425 HP/s, while being cap stable, and having a decent-ish tank. Both ships have the same “range” though the Nestor also gets some extra falloff, but the Leshak’s capacitor/HP efficiency is 200%, while the Nestor only has 150%.

It seems to me that the Nestor is only better currently, if it is at all, because it’s much easier to obtain. I’m really curious what more experienced players - both PvE and PvP, and especially logi pilots) think about this, because this could give us a reason to update the Nestor and give it a role bonus that’s actually useful.


Let me tell you that the bonus is absolutely is not a joke and it is very helpful to get rid of FOBs. With Nestors, you apparently only need 2 ships to get rid of this massive nuisance in your system and no other ship can pull that off.

Besides, the Leshak has different bonuses. Range is the same but the Nestor has a repair amount bonus while the Leshak has a capacitor consumption bonus. The repair amount bonus is way more useful than the capacitor consumption bonus in my opinion. Furthermore, cap stability means nothing when you are faced with energy neutralizers. A Nestor can just compensate with the cap transfer. What does a Leshak in this situation?


Leshaks compensating with DPS over range, every one needs one slot for weapon ramping up damage to massive numbers longer it hits. So its defence would be probably the best - attack.

I remember the Nestor from armor incursions. It reps like a beast especially with dead space reppers. It can be set up to be cap stable (requiring implants and Mindflood booster), but one really only needs it to rep for 10-20 minutes at most.

I had to search a little, but I remember making a plot when they’ve change the repper mechanics.

Before and After meaning before and after the change. I don’t know how accurate these numbers are today. Like I said were these from when they’ve changed it. But the Nestor could rep well above the 425 HP/s number given in the OP.

Update: I’ve also found the Maxima file, which I’ve used to create these plots and you’ll find the Leshak in there now, too. The numbers still seem to be accurate. Enjoy.

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Armor dilemma what battleship do I use as a logi platform this or that one?

Oh noes does one overshadow the other, can they still do 1k dps what do…

Meanwhile on a shield battleships logi side…
CCP one sided meta for the win


INN just did an article on this:

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I don’t think either is good as a replacement for dedicated logi, the nestor has it primarily for solo play when doing actually long expeditions so that it doesn’t lose drones. The leshak I think is more geared towards a “self sustaining” squad of ships that can rep themselves while applying some extra DPS on targets with lots of HP.

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