Fleet Repair Auxiliary

This may have been proposed before, but I’ll throw my $0.02 in.

A combined remote shield boost / remote armor repair ship, with bonuses for both. It wouldn’t have turret or missile slots, but would have a drone bay, probably 50m3. It would also have a bonus towards warp core stabilizer, so it would be somewhat viable in low-sec. I don’t have a clue as to slot layout, but I’ll leave that to people with more experience than I in theory-crafting ships (best I’ve done are vehicles for Dust).

Basically a cruiser-size logistics ship, with at least one each of a medium remote shield boost and remote armor repair, with a strengthened warp core out of the box.

Bonuses per level could be 5% bonus to remote range and amount per level. Role bonus would be the warp core strength and maybe capacitor use reduction.

What are everybody’s thoughts?

A nestor?
Oh wait that’s armor only.

The Nestor is a battleship anyway. I mean a cruiser-sized ship to start.

I think the Loki has armor/shield rr bonuses. I disapprove of any more logi. They’re cancer and shouldn’t exist or be drastically nerfed with diminishing returns.

What do you have against logistics ships?

They’re force multipliers. Their rep amount is completely disproportionate to the damage similar sized ships deal. They don’t make any sense. They sht on solo and small gang players.

Also healers in space is just the most reeeetarded thing I’ve ever heard. Especially from the ranges they’re capable of or in conjunction with nano cancer.

So stop ganking, find another target, or bring more friends.

Who is ganking lol? Bring more friends or alts? N+1 attitude. Ships in weapons range should be at risk of exploding.

Bring more firepower.

Yep let me just buy more battleship alts.

So you just want ganking to be easier.

The lif and ninazu have both.

But you could also ask more people for fly different logi if you wanna do both.

Are you awake? This has nothing to do with ganking. There are already so many logis each of which, even tech i, out rep the damage of the high end damage ships in their class.

I think what this game needs is Golden Ammo so you can one shot them logi ships from 560 km away sold in the Pearl Abyssal Cash Shop. :smirk:

Of course they will also sell Golden Logi Certificates too in case a logi pilot wants to negate the effects of Golden Ammo. :stuck_out_tongue:

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If you cannot make friends then that is a alternative.

Friend Ship op.

While I do find logistics to be a bit too powerful (they’re about as mandatory in any decent fleet comp as dps ships which speaks to how powerful they are), I would love to see logistics on battleships.

The Nestor… oh the Nestor.

IMO, we could fix a lot of problems by adding Logistics Battleships (T2 battleship), then amping up the PG on large reps to the point where it’s simply not feasible to fit them on a cruiser. They can fit medium sized reps, which could have their PG and rep amounts increased if that ended up obsoleting logi cruisers.

If logi cruisers weren’t able to single-handedly out-rep the dps of 5-15 other players (depending on what they’re flying obviously), we’d see a lot more battleships flying around.

The precursor ships all have a rr bonus, so fly Leshaks :wink:

Now all we need is a shield rr boat, maybe a sleeper one CCPlease.

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