Heavy Logistic Class

With the rise of MJD and the emergence of HACs as the go to doctrine, the Battleship lack the presence of a Logistic Support that features a similar tankiness and mobility ability to use MJD, closing the gap between the Logistic Cruisers and the Force Auxillarys.
They might be a T2 derived from the Attack Battlecruiser Class Hulls, hopefully modified in looks as their focus should be less in mobility but more towards tankiness and the ability to Repair Damages to Battleship-class vessels.

I love flying logi, but I’m not sure this is a good idea.

With the addition of a new type of Logi ship between Cruisers and Faxes, you risk adding too much repping power on the field.

Faxes have an upper limit how how much damage they can repair, as they themselves cannot be repaired in Triage. So all you need to do to break a group of Faxes is to bring enough DPS to break this number.

Cruisers have another upper limit of how much damage they can repair, as they can be shot off the field with enough Alpha damage. So all you need to do to break a group of T2 logi cruisers is to bring enough alpha to break this number.

When you introduce something as heavy as Logistics battleships, you are introducing a ship that doesn’t have a repair limit like faxes, nor can it be alphaed off as easily as cruisers. With enough numbers, these ships will become way too oppressive to anything.

That’s a risk I see with the introduction of battleship logi.

(Also, Nestors exist as an unofficial logi battleship. We only need a shield variant too. :D)

It makes sense to have a logi that can keep up with MJD’ing battleships. And lord knows the battleships need all the help they can get right now.

But more logi doesn’t seem like a good idea. Logi is very powerful, prevents destruction and makes fights an ‘all or nothing’ affair. I’m more inclined to say we need less logi rather than more.

Can’t you use a command dessie or two to assist the logi wing?

This dates back to design issues around mjd. The battleship drive should have been the ones that take groups with them, not destroyer sized ones.
That would have solved the entire issue.

Would the Nestor not fit your needs? It’s only bonused for armor reps, but it is a battleship sized logi. Maybe one day we’ll get a shield equivalent.

Also, you can fit large reps to T2 Logi cruisers. Obviously, you’ll have to make fitting compromises to be able to do it. So, it’s not always the best course. But, it is an option.

The nestor is used alot as battleship logi and we do not need another.

There is no real demand for such a ship the only Battleship size logi ship people seem to agree with is having a shield version of the Nestor.

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