CCP We new Battleship size Logi!

Can we finally get T1 BS logi? We need something affordable and disposable so we can take with smaller fights and new players can get into. As of now nestors are over 1bn+ and leshak are more for spider tanking. Not everyone wants to go out in a leshak fleet. The next ship up is a fax and we are not looking for capital escalation. Most ships in Eve has natural progression (frigate, cruiser, bs) but there’s a weird gap for T1 BS logi. Can we give logi pilots some love?

Thank you for your consideration!


No? T1 logi cruisers are just fine in those situations.

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We can’t even find a purpose for frigate logi of any size. (A serious range bonus might help?)
I do not want to have people suddenly demand I reship to battleships and abandon cruisers, since logi is a numbers thing that currently doesn’t play much with scale. If the reppers were doing something crazy with signature radii you’d have a better case, but they don’t.

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Good idea. I am in favor of this. Should have interestng effects.

Years ago, when carriers were logi, I remember suggesting an “escort carrier” class of battleship to be used for the purposes of logi.

To prevent tank inflation, I guess you could have them be as effective as logistics cruisers, but with the cumbersomeness of a battleship paired with the lower skill requirements of t1. That way logi cruisers are still better, but aren’t necessarily the only option when it comes to battleship level fleet support.

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Please no rem-repair amounts boost.

If BS logi will repair same or less than cruiser ones but be tankier in price of speed and scan resolution then LGTM.

They did in fact make capital logistics (Force Auxiliaries)

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