Logi Battleships!

This topic has been touched on before, but I feel it’s still worth discussing.

Currently, we have logi frigates, logi cruisers, and logi capitals. Missing from that sandwich is logi battleships. The Nestor and Leshak fill this role somewhat, but are not completely dedicated to the role of repairing other ships so do a half-assed job; unless serious isk is invested.

A class of T2 battleships geared specifically to logi is what’s needed. These ships can fit between the Logistics cruisers and Force Auxiliaries. They could use the Abaddon, Rokh, Hyperion, and Maelstrom hulls, which lack any T2 or faction variations. This would have a side-benefit of expanding industry.

I believe there are two ways to approach these T2 logi battleships:

  1. Give them similar Skill & Role Bonuses to existing logi cruisers, with lower activation cost and more range for Large Remote modules. The difference will be that the logi battleships are tankier and have 6-8 High Slots vs 4-6 with logi cruisers, making them a force multiplier. The tradeoff is the logi battleships are slower and have worse Scan Resolution.
  2. Make them smaller Force Auxiliaries. These logi battleships can fit Capital Remote modules but not a Triage Module, keeping Force Auxiliaries relevant. These will have the typical 4-6 High Slots found in Logistics cruisers plus activation, range, and fitting requirement bonuses. To make up for the lengthy activation time/duration on Capital Remote modules, the hulls should also get a bonus to decrease that time. Without this bonus, the T2 battleships will be outclassed by their Logistics cruiser cousins using Large Remote modules.

TLDR: Make T2 logi battleships. They can have lots of Large Remote modules or a handful of Capital Remote modules (no Triage Module).


bumped this into Player Features & Ideas - EVE Online Forums as I think the forum feedback section was an accident.

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We’re also missing T2 battleship class Flagships (Command Ships).

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I mean…

Minmatar and galente get 6-7 highs and similar bonuses to scimi/oni. Fairly easy cap stability if not pushed hard.

Amarr and caldari get 5 and a bonus per level to cycle time on capital reps that brings them a bit higher rep at skill 4 than the min/gal, but requires a lot of sacrifice to get cap stable, or using cap xfers (that they also get bonused to, but not near so hard)

Marauder resist profiles, as the weakest t2 resist profile.

If people like this paired concept, I’ll put in the work to see about mocking up some more detailed proposed stats for that.

I mean, battleships don’t have any command burst version and it seems like that is fairly deeply on purpose, especially with as controversial as bursts can be at times.

That said, I am THIRSTY for something like this.

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It’s super weird how lack luster Battleships are in terms of Logi/fleet support access.

(On a side note, why are there no Faction variations for remote repair units?)

Don’t know. Maybe to keep the deadspace version demand high? But those top out at medium, which kind of defeats the point when applied to t2 logi cruisers with their bonuses intended to fit larges.

I’d love to see deadspace large RR modules for shield and armor regardless.