T2 battleship shield logi / armor nestor equivalent when?

t2 shield logi / armor nestor equivalent when?

If there ever is a shield equivalent to the Nestor it will be a pirate ship, not T2. The only existing faction that might build a ship like that is Thukker - the designs they have produced for the Republic Fleet are biased to shield tank and they are the only major pirate faction that doesn’t have their own ship line. A generalist, jack of all trades type of ship seems to fit well with the Thukker nomadic heritage.


I would much rather have a T1 logi battleship added to all factions than I would have t2. It would be a wonderful step between logistics cruisers which are fast, small and only moderately tanky with great projection and faxes which are nearly immobile, insanely durable and have insane throughput.

Make them nearly stationary (unless they’re using MJD’s), give their remote reps similarly short ranges to nestors, and make them decent but not impossibly bulky. Good throughput but no insane local tank without a very specialized fitting that likely huffs cap injector charges like candy.

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i don’t really mind the t2 or faction, just realized there is a tech tree hole here

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