Shield rep Battleship

With the nestor you can armor rep others, but why is there no shield rep battleship for those who prefer to shield rep.

perhaps just add shield rep bonuses to the nestor or provide a different new ship

Things do not need to be mirrored all the time. There are no passive recharge tanking fits possible for Armor, there is no “Reactive Shield hardener” and no “Multispectrum Armor Hardener” either. There are no Armor Reppers that can run on Capboosters without needing Capacitor nor are there ShieldBoosters running on Nanite Paste. Plates dont add Signature, Shield Extenders don’t add mass.

EVE would be a quite boring game if Shield and Armor would be basically the same mechanic, just under a different name.


Will not happen but we in the incursion community always hope and pray. :joy:


I agree with SYZ about things not needing to be mirrored, but it’s possible we’ll get a bs shield logi eventually. Maybe a Thukker or an EOM ship.

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