More dynamic logistics ships (faction logi)

As all logi pilots realize when they first discover that they like to heal instead of hurt, there is a profound gap between the amount of dynamic options you have to attack someone than you have to heal someone. From black ops to electronic warfare to the special abilities of the faction ships, there are so many different ways to go about killing people. However, up until very recently, there have been only 8 viable tech 2 logistics (4 logi frigs and 4 logi cruisers)ships in the game, with really only 2 different variations, that being cap chain and slow, or tracking link and fast. Even with the recent changes adding in fax’s and their faction versions, this really hasn’t added a huge amount to the game for the average logi FC, especially since the faction fax’s are extremely difficult to get and build. I am suggesting adding in faction logi cruisers. These cruisers would have their faction’s unique abilities and would be a nice addition to the game. Another suggestion could be to add 1 faction completely dedicated to logi ships (such as a minmatar - caldari hybrid which would be uber shield reps) and add a special module that only they could use, such as a module that increases the targeted ships resistances and can be loaded with scripts. This would add new depth to the field of logistics, which is a critical role in many fleets.

There’s half an idea here. Needs expanding a bit. What makes these different to existing logi? And what does this mean?


Well if he’s talking about bonues, we can look at current roles that the pirates usually have.

Sanaha, 20% afterburner speed per lvl.

Gurista, +4to all shield resist and a 370/500 bonues to tank and rep amount (kinda like the fax)

Blood raider, X% range to nos with the ability to drain no matter your own cap.

Those where the ones on the top of my head, not sure of the bonues the others get.

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I didn’t realise he meant pirate.

Serpentis have 90% webs…
Angels warp faster.
SOE are covert combat and exploration.

And guristas isnt shield resists, that’s not unique. Guristas have super drones. And bloods don’t have nos range, just nos strength.

I don’t think logi for every pirate faction is suitable. But for some it maybe interesting.


It’s a shame the new triglavian ships have been cited for spider tanking. I now think some kind of combat/logi hybrid would have been a pretty interesting role for pirate factions.

#t3’s done right.


Adding a nano repair bomb or missile would be nice. :wink:

Nestor is a faction BB logi ship. Let’s add a shield BB logi…

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guess what each faction Indeed DOES have another cruiser that does logistic and in a unique way to the options listed above. So come on down lucky forum participant and claim your new prize the T3 CRUISER~

While T3 cruisers to add a small amount of variety due to the ability to cloak or have command bursts, they aren’t really super viable as a logistics platform, as they do not get the capacitor usage reduction that normal logi cruisers get.

Yeah, I think that Guristas would work great for logi. If they could make a ship that has no cap usage bonuses to repairers, but make the drones almost on par in repairing power. Kind of like the fax, but as a cruiser. As for the others, a Nos logi might be cool, but serpentis and Sisters of eve wouldn’t be great for logi.

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Offensive Support Processor gets 10%/lvl reduction on activation cost for remote armor rep, and 5% reduction for shields. Also both get a 10%/lvl overheat bonus not found on the logi cruisers. Add one or more command burst modules and they actually rep pretty well, albeit at a shorter range than bonused logi cruisers.

You can covert-cloak and fit a nullified version too.

[Tengu, Cloaky-Nully]

Power Diagnostic System II
Power Diagnostic System II
Damage Control II

10MN Afterburner II
Republic Fleet Large Cap Battery
Republic Fleet Large Shield Extender
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
EM Ward Field II

Medium Remote Shield Booster II
Medium Remote Shield Booster II
Medium Remote Shield Booster II
Shield Command Burst II, Active Shielding Charge
Covert Ops Cloaking Device II
Medium Remote Shield Booster II
Medium Remote Shield Booster II
Medium Remote Shield Booster II

Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II
Medium Semiconductor Memory Cell I
Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II

Tengu Core - Augmented Graviton Reactor
Tengu Defensive - Covert Reconfiguration
Tengu Offensive - Support Processor
Tengu Propulsion - Interdiction Nullifier

Hobgoblin II x5
Light Shield Maintenance Bot II x5

Active Shielding Charge x300


… did this guy just say t3 weren’t viable as logistics?

They are exactly what you asked for logistics that operates in a different way thus adding variety


I guess what I meant to say is that they get less of bonus’s. Its 5% capacitor usage reduction for armor as well which is no where near enough to become stable even with boosts, and it can only use mediums, as opposed to larges. The cloaking ability is nice, but nullifying it makes targeting hard and very short range

Yet they tank way better can be fit to do dps and get crazy heat bonuses… you wanted variety that’s what they give. A different flavor of logistics. Also i have Loki tengu and legion stable fits. Yes they use mediums but they can fit more reps than t2 logi.

You not knowing how to use them does not make them non - viable

Ffs the Loki has a full set of reps and one link and it’s cap stable with a mwd running

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how much ehp? and how much repairing? I didn’t say that they were not viable ships in general, just that the logi part is noticeably weaker than other forms of logi. I will concede that they are different, but having one different ship that has one benefit (cloaky logi) is not enough for such a large role as logistics. Also just because there is one different type of logi ship that I forgot about doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be any more logi ships added. Your focusing too much on refuting points instead of thinking how cool it would be for there to be even more varied ships.

90-100 before links and heat would have to get home to see the reps

I have another Loki that reps both shield and armor something that makes small gangs extremely flexible.

Not to mention that covert option makes t3s the only logistics able to take a blops bridge other than AT ships

And how could i forget it’s immune to bubbles something that is beautiful when roaming null

How much does this fit cost to do literally everything. Maybe you can enlighten me oh god of strategic cruisers, but there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to make it cap-stable, cloaky, nullified, good remote repairing, good speed and 90,000 ehp, without using billions of isk worth of modules and implants for a single logi ship that will most likely be primary target. And the argument that you can change it on the fly, while usefull, is not applicable in most situations, especially when roaming null.

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your not getting 90k out of a cloaky fit and your not going to be stable in a nullie fit you’re mixing the two together. i was giving examples of all the different types of things it can do because you said you wanted variety

when did i have a change of the fly argument?

so basically, if you use what makes them really unique (cloaky/nullified) it makes them sub-par logi ships, which is what my argument was in the first place. Lets just agree to disagree. Like I said before though, I concede to the argument that they do add variation to the game that I forgot to mention, but I would still like to see more logi ships or modules in the future.

except that’s not what makes them unique as logi…

they rely on heat and a lot of bonuses med reps where t2 logi us a few unbonused largs reps. they have more tank and short range so their positioning is a lot more active than standard logi that anchor on each other at the rear of the fleet.

cloak and nulli are just additional varieties on top of that. you say you want variaty but then when you are shown it exists you don’t like it because it plays different than you expect logi to play. ■■■■ the legion uses nos to run its reps if you want a unique logi experience try that

The key here is variety with the T3’s. There are so many different ways you can configure them, and yes they scale with bling too. The rebalance did what it was supposed to with the ship class.

Personally I just want a shield-BB logi to offer an equivalent to the Nestor.