This does apply to PvP as well but it’s a general discussion of ships.

With all Logi Cruisers such as the Augoror, Osprey, Exequror and Scythe.
There have always been three variants of them.

The Tech 1, Improved Tech 2 for logistics and finally the ‘Faction’ combat orientated variant.
Will the Rodiva/Zarmazd which are fantastic Logi vessels in there own right I can’t help feel that not having a combat variant of them feels left out or empty to the usual arsenal at our disposal.

With all Logi Variants that feature a Combat variant with the given PSL Bonus for their respected weapons.
I know the Vedmak is a fine vessel.
But, what do you all think?

Carry on the tradition and if so what would bonuses would it have?

And what will be it’s name?

Technically all the of the precursor ships are combat with the ability to Logi to a degree. I am interested though what other ships will get the muta repairer if any. The Rod and Zar are great fun to fly, but due to the cost and, inability to effectively heal multiple target, it’s usually bypassed in farvor of traditional ships, at least for subcap warfare.