New Logi Module

Can you please look into adding an AoE Based Shield/armor booster for logistics?
Potentially something logistics limited, but something that will benefit from range so that you can activate module and it heals all group members at a lower rate.


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To make logistics require less skill and effort than being an F1 monkey. Just anchor and activate reps. Then go make a sandwich. Maybe have a battle fap.

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Really, can’t see how this changes anything. Maybe bring even less brain since instead watching for broadcast you will only spam AOE rep and ignore everything.

It is a new mechanic that has new potential for new builds and meta. You say it has less brain buy this is not the case. With weaker reps then direct reps, there is an issue where the effectiveness of the aoe reps will fall off when people die, making it less and less effective to keep the fleet alive. At the same time, aoe reps will provide a unique role of being able to heal multiple people at once, which means that it would be idea to stick a few in a fleet to stop sniping of multiple targets, or healing support as the logi heal the main group/larger ships.

There are low effort logi pilots out there. However, good ones will keep an eye on watchlists, pre-locked targets, the combat log, and/or lasers in space to identify and call out late broadcasts. Moreover, they can manage their reps without being told by LM’s/LA’s/LC’s exactly how many reps to send, when to heat, when to start spooling down, and so on.

I don’t know why you think logi is brainless. Maybe it’s because you’ve been putting in minimum effort.


From my personal experience, login is probably most exciting activity in fleet engagements. There is way more action and adrenaline in being logi. Compared to just following FC orders.

I think we just misunderstood each other. Since I thought that you, claim that logi is low effort activity.

Anyway, change like this, will actually change it to brainless spam of AOE reps. Big no from me

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Actually im barking up the tree of a t3 destroyer that is a stepping stone from frig to cruiser logi, that is logi based but i was looking into something unique for it.

Is it wrong that I knew that card’s name from the art?
Also not impressed by this, it’s either going to be useless or overpowered.

On one hand, yes, this module could help dealing with bomb damage and soon EDENCOM ship damage as logistics pilot.

On the other hand, we already can deal with that with our current tools and this AoE heal will just encourage mindless F1 spam from logistic pilots, where it has been a more interesting role until introduction of such a module.

No support.

Nothing wrong with that! If it was a card from when I played, I would probably have recognised it as well, but I haven’t played in ages to recognise Soulmender.

Repair? Fleet? Squad? Cycle?

This is not WoW.

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You’re such a cruel monster. First ECM gets nerfed, and now you want to absolutely demolish what is left. :rofl:

(To explain, ECM used to just break all locks on the targeted victim, but nowadays the victim can still lock the ECM-ship targeting them just fine. But if you’re something like a logi pilot, trying to send some reps, getting jammed is still dangerous, because what are you gonna do? Repair the guy jamming you???)

This idea right here would take what is left of ECM out back and put it down like old yeller.

Im not a fan of that change. Ecm was fun and was really important. They could of just nerfed the ranges and buffed the tank to help balance it, but they destroyed it.

I dunno

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