Reluctance for Logi

Why is it that some people are reluctant to fly Logistics?

Is it because they find the cap chain too stressful? Maybe they heard of a story of a gaurdian pilot who got warp scrambled, fell behind the group when they used MWD, failed to let his partners know so they didn’t know to re-establish the chain and then didn’t want to be the guy who did that? OK, I understand that… but Loki and Onorios don’t need cap chain.

Is it a skillpoint issue? A lot of players have good PVE skills and those skills flying a HAC, Hurricane, Harbinger, Drekavek, or Brutix can be repurposed to the same ships used for PVP. On the other hand logistics ships involve a skill that isn’t used a lot. This could explain it, but I have a feeling that some players would not want to be logi even if their FCs were throwing skill injectors to them.

Is it stress level? Maybe locking onto a primary target and then hitting “f1” is a lot simpler and therefore idiot proof so some are afraid that logi is something they can mess up.

Also in general, among a larger group of veterans, volunteers for DPS, tackle, and neuts tend to be larger than those for logi. It’s not that there isn’t anyone in the group willing to be logi. It’s logical to have more volunteers for DPS than logi since… well someone needs to do the damage. But more volunteers for neuting (when it’s needed) seems odd.

Maybe it’s a preference thing? I mean I like certain playstyles over soloing sites in space where bubbles can be deployed.

I fly logi periodically. It sucks.

Back when I was active, I loved flying logi. I even used a fax in nullsec to keep our 85 pilot fleet in one piece.
I think we lost only one ship, because the triage cycle was up, and my remote rep didn’t have the range anymore :frowning:
And I had to reposition for reasons™. But I prefer flying the cruisers, like the Oneiros or Basilisk. Oh, and the t2 frigates are really cool logi ships.

Before I was in an alliance, I was flying with a smaller group and I found my love for logi ships. That sudden interest wasn’t very popular at the time, but I remember a roam, where I was flying a Kirrin and I went a littler overboard with the fitting.
Went to goon space one night, to see, if we could snatch a ratting boat. We had 4x svipul and 1x Kirin. After many systems of emptiness or everyone docked up, we found a Brutix, doing things.
That guy must have thought, he just found easy prey and they engaged. I would have engaged, too, if I was flying a Brutix, and there were only “two” svipuls to play with… until he was scrammed, and I jumped into the system. That night, they were happy, I was flying logi.
As far, as I recall, that Brutix was doing quite some nasty damage to the svipuls, but I wasn’t far, and I started repping, somewhere orbiting at 25km.
For a frigate, that range is wayyyyyy in falloff, so your reps are not as good, as they could have been, but I was still able to keep all the svipuls at 55% shields, no problem.
Most pilots don’t know, but a single Kirrin (the Caldari frigate) has the same repair amount, that a single scythe (the minmatar t1 cruiser logi) does. Depending on the fit, sometimes slightly above.

Months later, I started to bother everyone with my logi on the test server. One day, this guy was determined to kill the logi and had a vindicator, keeping me webbed and scramed in place.
Unfortunately for him, it took him almost 67 minutes to kill the logi.

I, for one, like flying them quite a lot.

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I think it’s simply human nature. In other MMOs, you have the same roles as in EVE - Damage, Tank, Healer, Crafter/Builder. But many of these games are not as heavily destruction-centric as EVE, so the other roles are attractive. Even then, Damage-dealing is still more popular than other roles.

It’s entirely predictable that Logi operations (‘healing’) in EVE will attract less interest than the other styles I’ve mentioned. They will, however, appeal to a comparatively small but dedicated group of players, for whom the idea of providing this highly specialised service is important.

Which is fine.

It also makes Logi pilots a valuable asset for whichever group employs and supports them.

Which is great.

Why do some people prefer tea over coffee? Or Star Trek over Star Wars? Or BMW over Mercedes-Benz?

The same reason - personal preference.

I can sort of see that. There are perks to being the priest Onorios, at least if the other side panicks and splits damage isntead of alphaing a target. The healer sees 1 Rogue Cruse, 4 DPS Paladins battlecrusiers, and their pets drones taking damage. The Curse and 3 of the DPS of them are regular guild mate corp line members. Then the 4th DPS guy is a guy who joined less than a week ago spent the last three days hazing the healer and yelling at him over the comms despite the healer’s demands to stop, the quiet hinting from officers to stop the hazing, and the explicit polite request of the Guild founder CEO to stop (but with no threat of removal).

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If logis would get a “Savemail” every time they prevent a ship from being destroyed, sure people would fly them a lot more. :wink:


A week ago I would have said it was just another part of the DPS, tank, healer triangle (plus some utility roles), but I now have an appreciation on a perk of the job even if it doens’t come with either a killmail or savemail.

CCP alluded to Logis on Killmails last Fanfest, after years of players requesting it. Probably going to happen within the next 2 decades.


logi is like the healers in wow raids its a lot of stress for little reward and no matter how hard you work someone always gets tagged and blames you

Look, I’ve never flown Logi, but even I can see that it is a high-stakes, critical, warfare component. The guys who choose to fly these machines deserve appropriate rewards, sure, but they wouldn’t do it if they didn’t get something out of it.

As with anything else, if you make a mistake, stick your hand up and take the flack. Work out the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of what you did wrong then try to eliminate it from future operations.

You may feel shitty for a while, but that should just goad you into not repeating the error. I think it’s common sense really.

Because playing a healer in an mmo sucks.

Especially when you fail to heal in time and your teammate goes off the rails on you like you stole their car or something.

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I flew logi a lot in my early EvE life. I came from other MMOs (EQ2, Rift, LotrO, etc) where I mainly played the healer in groups and raids. I get a lot out of being the ‘useful’ person in the group, effectively a force multiplier.

So when it came to EvE the first T2 cruiser I specced into was the Scimitar and I took it everywhere. Our corp was almost exclusively small gang warfare and once the active fleet got up to around 4/5 members then I would be in the Scimmy. Below this number it was generally better for me to be in DPS but once you reach a critical fleet DPS then having a logi opens up the engagement envelope considerably.

Eventually we ended up in an alliance in nullsec and I joined the logi wing and ended up in a Guardian. I am not a fan of this setup at all, despite it’s effectiveness. The reliance on other logi to ‘play their part’ is critical, but when things go south they go south quickly. The only way to improve is to have a regular logi squad who can practice, but the only effective way to practice is proper fleet engagements.

I always have a Scimitar or two in the hangar ready to roll, but find myself playing logi less and less. And like all things, if you don’t use it, you lose it. You have other things to think about when flying logi - don’t take the fleet warp?, how long to wait until I warp in?, what range do I warp in at?, what’s the best orbit range for me?, do I wait aligned off grid?, how good are my fleet members at using broadcasts for reps?

I think I will join the standing defence fleet and take my Scimmy out for a fly tonight!!


Ah yes, when you’ve set up your watch list all nice and neat and in order…and then…5 seconds before undocking, a new member wants to join logi, or someone wants to leave logi and do DPS instead.

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The biggest problem is logi members getting neuted, and thus the entire cap chain has to change. Good defence players ( and we’ve encountered a few in WM ) know how to time this so they pick a new target just as the chain is changed…and thus cause logi chaos. In the worst cases, when I’ve been on the DPS side rather than the logi side, I’ve had no logi support as a result…but those cases are few and far between.

So what you are basically saying is that logi pilots are donkeys that need a carrot on a stick or in other words Gen Z ?


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Well I mean lots of people kill just to get on the killmail - it’s their sense of accomplishment, so…

58 words until “DPS” came up.



The doc says I have DPS-itis, and it will only get worse.