Stupid ad, who made this?

So in this ad, the girl goes “My favorite role is to be a Logi pilot”.

Then two sentences later, she goes “Be in charge of who lives, and who dies”.

If youre a logi pilot and are making your own decisions as to who youre gonna rep and let live, and who youre gonna just not rep, you are a terrible Logi pilot, who will get yelled at from the FC.

Who made this Ad? It either has dialogue missing, or made by someone who doesnt understand how Logi or EVE works.


Logi is useless.


The ad isn’t aimed at EVE players. It’s aimed at people who think “spaceships are so cool!” because they saw the recent Star Wars movies and thought they were great. It was really awesome seeing the good guys arrive with their massive fleet in Rise of Skywalker!

Then, while taking a break from playing Hero Wars on their phone, they see an EVE Online ad on YouTube, and decide to click on the link. Now they can “scavenge the asteroid belts” in their Venture like a real pirate, while waiting for their “logi” skills to finish so they can “decide who lives and who dies,” just like the ad said they could.

Today, the vast majority of people who play these games aren’t like us. They’re just…people.

The same people who watch a Hollywood movie, and when the hero fires 23 shots out of a revolver, don’t bat an eye. They’re not here for your “hardcore” and your “accuracy,” they’re just here to kill a few minutes before it’s time to have sex with the wife again.


Any healer worth their salt will have a list, or rather a ■■■■ list, and anyone can move up or down that list at any time. Sometimes gradually and over time, sometimes instantly. If a healer has to make choices on who to heal or put the reps on there will be an order of importance based on role, risk and distance but when there has to be made a choice between equally important targets… the list springs to action.

If you don’t have a list you’re not a good healer.



No, for two reasons. Firstly, that list is made by the FC at the beginning of the fleet ops, because roles are not changed randomly during the ops unless someone dies. And when that happens, they dont move up or down, they get removed entirely.

Secondly, no, again, you dont make your own decisions as a logi pilot unless youre the only logi pilot. If your logi FC tells you to target and rep someone, you dont “Decide” not to, and doing so makes you a stupid logi pilot that will get yelled at by your FC.

Again, no. There are two possible scenarios.

Youre a logi pilot in a small fleet of 5, 10 people. Youre the only Logi, or maybe theres another Logi pilot too. You might have 1 player who acts like the FC, you might not. In which case, you have no list, because there arent any roles. The risk, is either you get to them or you cant, so there isnt any risk. Distance also not a thing unless youre trying to scatter and run.

So none of those matter. You rep who you can, and if you find yourself in a situation where everyone needs rep, youre in a situation where the whole group is pretty much screwed anyways. You could try your best trying to rep someone, but chances are its not going to be you who decides if he lives or dies.

The other situation, is in larger fleet fights. Again, already posted that above, so i wont rehash it.

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But the ad said…

I doubt that every fleet uses the same list that your fleet used.

Straw man from someone who clearly doesn’t play. It’s not “everyone needs a rep”, it’s “you have to choose between a few”. Lets make it simple so even you could understand this:

Lets say there are two pilots in the same ship, doing the same role and they’re both in range. One is someone who’s known to be a good player who pulls his weight, tries to do his best, is active and contributing and generally a nice guy. The other is none of those, he’s generally lazy, useless, out of position far too often, probably drunk or stoned an has a history of being annoying.

If both are being pressured and you can’t rep both enough for them both to survive then you have to make a choice and (per stated earlier) once the order of importance doesn’t solve that equation the list comes in to play.

Simply put, if for whatever reason you tend to end up not getting healed and it gets a tad obvious, it’s a you problem because the logis deemed you less worthwhile than others.


You are so very, very wrong. I can fly all of the tech II logi ships and did so in huge fleet battles years ago. And I definitely ignored requests for reps from people who acted like douchebags. I also had on my priority list my corp buddies. If I saw one of them losing any HP, I immediately repped them ignoring anything the FC was yelling. Most especially if the FC was a yelling psychopath, I would never rep them no matter what. That wasn’t just me doing that. All of us did it.


ngl I fell for the EVE ads just like I did for Stellaris :rofl: :rofl: :sweat_smile: :joy:

Cities Skylines 2 also. XDD

Actual game footage of a logistics pilot playing EVE Online:

It is true… Logi determines who lives and who dies. Pretty cool tbh.

Read carefully. I presented a scenario whereas, and ill quote myself, “if you find yourself in a situation where everyone needs rep”.

So yes, quite literally, it is “Everyone needs a rep”, because thats the specific scenario i quoted.

So both ships are equally being hit with the same amount of dps? And im guessing they are, what, unable to warp out, because of bubbles or disruptors or something? Are they both actively participating and shooting and are in the same, correct position in the fleet?

So youre saying that if im the only one getting damaged and targetted, and no one else is being yellowboxed, but the logi refuse to heal me, that this makes the logi competant?

As a player whos been in an NPC corp for the entirety of his career, youre not really convincing. Unless this is an alt, of course, in which case, even less convincing from someone who doesnt even want to post on their main.

And by the way, in most large fleet battles, the individual players are usually not writing monologues to get reps, so theres no real way to act like a douchebag to get reps. Theres actually a button in the fleet window, if you werent aware, that broadcasts reps, and most large corps know how to use it.

Its usually only when they get desperate, after broadcasting multiple times that they need sheilds/armor, and no one is repping them, do they get angry and start typing more. And im not surprised that you saw that more often in your fleet, because you guys seem like terrible Logi. If I was a logi FC in your fleet, and your corp kept repping random corp members who got a stray drone or bullet from 1-2 enemies while another player was being primaried and needing every single rep to keep alive, id probably be angry at your corp, and bring that up with the higher ups for the future.

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There are plenty of situations where everyone needs a rep, but some people need a rep more than others.

As a logi pilot you decide who gets your reps, because you may not be able to repair them all.

I’m not going to rep that guy who just broadcasted for bomb damage when someone else is under weapon fire, even though the first person in a ‘more important ship’ may be missing hitpoints and could technically ‘need a rep’.

A good logi pilot has the awareness to make decisions who to repair. Logi pilots decide who lives or dies.

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Is a straw man.

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So you wouldnt lock him up and put one rep on him just incase hes broadcasting that hes being yellowboxed and probably going to be targetted next? That more bombs hit him, and therefore he is in low armor or structure, thus making it more likely for him to be targetted first? Your fleet doesnt have rules surrounding when to broadcast?

The only time logis are actually deciding who lives or dies, are in the rare, rare situations where you have two, three people being targetted and receiving the same amount of DPS, and you are the only logi, or there are only 2-3 logi in the entire fleet. Thats it. You are talking about a situation where your single logi ship is the sole ship that determines whether one of two/three/however many would survive, where they are somehow not screwed already because theyre pinned down and unable to warp, and where your opponent is stupid enough not to concentrate fire on one ship and gaurunteeing a kill instead of splitting their dps onto multiples.

How unlikely is a scenario like that?

In every other situation, which is the vast, vast majority, there is no choice. There is one guy taking the brunt of the damage, and you either rep the guy taking damage, being redboxxed, or you dont. And if you dont, and you make that decision, and he dies, that makes you a bad logi.

No, its not. I dont think you understand what a straw man is. I never said that this was your argument, I stated that as a scenario where your argument would apply. Learn the difference.

And yes, my scenario is far more likely than your scenario of two people receiving exactly the same amount of DPS, losing HP at the same amount, and your full rep is the only thing keeping one of them alive, but one of them is your brother in law and his wife just had a baby and the other is a racist white supremacist so you decide to rep your brother in law.

More straw mans. Got it.