Time to warp

Hei people,

If you want to find out what time to warp a ship has (in seconds), it’s a simple calculation for this:
Here is a much complicated version of calculus, I simplified it to this version above.

So, for example, the Sabre basic time to warp would be:

  • 3,7 x 1.285.000/1.000.000 x 1,38629436

  • = 3,7 x 1,285 x 1,38629436

  • = 4,7545 x 1,38629436

  • = 6,59 seconds

Which is correct according to EVE University timetowarp.

But I found there a few ships where the times doesn’t match the results of the calculation (from circa 50 verified) and I want to know if they are simply wrong or if there is something else that I don’t understand.
I found this (at right side are my results):

Avatar: avatar / 119,775 s

Confessor: confe / 7,48 s

Hecate: hecate / 8,15 s

Svipul: svipul / 7,37 s

Legion: legion / 8,24 s

Loki: Loki / 6,69 s

Proteus: proteus / 10,32 s

Tengu: tengu / 6,19 s

Sunesis: sunesis / 4,16 s

So what happens here guys? Does anyone know the explanation for this?

Skills, different modes with different bonuses on tactical destroyers, and different layouts with different bonuses for strategic cruisers.


Then maybe the EVE Uni is out of date.

Tbh there’s not much you can learn from them that you can’t learn better from someone else.

The wiki might not be up to date on the T3 cruisers. Their rebalance patch was not that very long ago. And Tactical destroyers have 3 modes which should all afflict the time to warp differently. Maybe those are different in your calculations?
No idea about Sunesis and Avatar, though.

I usually just look in the fitting window.

Also all ships with a align time greater than ~7 seconds, that also have medium slots, can just use the afterburner for one cycle.

Ships mass gets reworked every so often and this causes things to be out dated

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