WTB Eve Mathematics


So Eve’s warp time calculations are pretty transparent. They can be found here. Accordingly;

The total warp time = Acceleration time + Deceleration time + Cruise time

The parameters in this formulas include the ship’s maximum warp speed, sub-warp speed and the warp distance. The Eve Uni guide includes a bit of python code so you can enter the distances and warp speeds, and it gives you exact seconds of the ship’s warp time. Now here is what I need.

For reasons, I need a tool that gives me the time a ship will spend in the last 45 kilometers of its warp, given its maximum warp velocity, subwarp velocity and the distance it is warping. I don’t care about the medium of this tool as long as it is accessible. It can be excel or google doc, or python code, or anything else.

I know some of you are good with math and coding so name your price and I’ll see if I can afford it.


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