UI Ship Time to Max Speed

(Soma Altaris) #1

I noticed that the navigation part of the fitting window shows you max velocity and align time but not how long it takes for the ship to actually reach its max velocity. The effect of mass on those params also isn’t all that clear.

(yellow parasol) #2

Why would it need to? To figure it out, it only takes one doubleclick into space and an attention span lasting longer than three seconds.

But, anyway: As aligntime refers to the time it takes from zero to 75%, don’t you think you can figure out the last 25% all by yourself, with grade school math?

(Soma Altaris) #3

AFAIK align time specifies turn rate not acceleration rate. For example using a higgs anchor can actually lead to an increased align time even though the acceleration rate stays the same and max speed is reduced by 75% or so.

(yellow parasol) #4

How would the higgs increase aligntime?

Aligntime is exactly what i said, and what google easily confirms as correct.

What do you mean?

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #5

align time is how long it takes your ship to go from 0 to 75% of your max speed.

ships cant turn in eve. they are just balls with velocity as far as the server is concerned

(Cade Windstalker) #6

This is not correct, the align time for your ship from a complete standing start is simply the time it takes it to accelerate to that velocity.

When you jump through a gate your ship doesn’t actually have an orrientation. The game client puts you at the “default” angle which roughly equates to “north” in the game code, but to the server you’re just a sphere sitting in space with no velocity. That’s why your ship will often warp “sideways” when coming off a gate, because the only thing that’s happening on the server is that sphere starts moving until it hits warp speed. The client is the one that shows a turning model.

This isn’t quite true either. If your ship does have an initial velocity then you will turn when aligning to a point other than the one you’re currently aimed at because the server is applying an acceleration to your ship to move it towards the designated vector. Unless that vector is the complete opposite of the one you’re currently traveling on, in that case then your ship will just slow down, very briefly stop and then start going the other way but not, strictly speaking, turn.

It is still correct to say that the server doesn’t really care about your physical orientation though. That’s just something the client displays, the server only cares about velocity vectors.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #7

your ship still isn’t turning its just following a changing velocity vector

(Cade Windstalker) #8

That’s what a turn is, and as much as anything in Eve has an orientation your ship’s orientation rotates if you’re changing direction while already moving to something that is not exactly 180 behind where you’re currently going.

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