Aligning mechanics

Hy there,

After a recent update, i have noticed that when i click on the align command my ship also starts moving at full speed towards the particular target, which didn’t happened before. I’ved also noticed that my personalized overview tabs were gone… Is this some kind of bug or is it a normal thing ? I have no problem with the overview tabs reset, as i can make new ones, but i can’t seem to solve the alinging problem… Please help…

Aligning is about moving full speed in the direction of the thing you want to warp to, before you can enter warp, so please write what has changed exactly?

That’s how it always was. If you stop, you will de-align because your ship will always reorient itself to the flat plane.

It could be that you set your speed to nearly zero, so that you align, but are only moving very very slowly. You just have to click on the speed-o-meter at the bottom right below your capacitor sphere thingy to set your speed.

Now that I think about it maybe you switched ships recently? Frigates align fast but larger ships do it slower. It also depends on your ship’s fit.

I was under the impresion that aligning should only orient the ship in a particular direction, without engaging the engines, but its clear to me now that is not the case.
Thank you all for the feedback


To put it another way:

  • The game sees your ship as a sphere filled with stats
  • This sphere only has a “front” when it has a trajectory (speed + vector)
  • The graphics (what you see) are all on the client-side of the game and are trying to keep up with what the server is telling it
  • In absence of any speed, there is no “front” and the graphics will settle the ship in the direction of the last known trajectory

It is for this reason that, from a “cold start” (see: 0 m/sec) the time it takes to warp in any direction is almost identical.
Where a ship is visually “aiming at” during a “cold start” is basically a lie.


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