Please add Align Time to the Propulsion section of the ship Info screen

Why is such a critical ship stat not easily visible outside of the fitting screen?

It’s not on the ship info screen because it’s not a property of the ship. The actual time it takes to align depends on a lot of factors. The ship’s fit, the pilots skills, and in what direction the ship is moving and how fast. The align time on the ship fitting window is making the assumption you are stationary and is only accurate if that is the case.

If align time is critical to you, then you’re not going to take a value off the ship’s info screen that won’t apply to your specific situation. You’re going to run the ship through the fitting simulator for the most accurate result. If you just want an estimation of how well a ship performs, you check its mass and inertia modifier. Multiply those and you get its base agility, lower is better.

The exact calculation, if anyone is interested, seems to be:
The Natural Logarithm of .25 expressed as a positive number, times the inertia modifier, times the number of millions of kilograms of mass. Again, though, this assumes you begin from a dead stop. If you are headed in the wrong direction, it will take longer to align. If you are headed in the right direction already, your time to align will be shorter.

I would tend to agree that displaying a base align time or the ship’s overall agility would be convenient, but with that convenience will come people who oversimplify and use this value as gospel when it almost certainly does not apply to their actual situation. By being obscure, it prompts people to ask questions or check an accurate source for the answer to their question, and this awareness increases the odds of success in whatever the pilot is trying to do. Making things too easy is not without its pitfalls.


I like your logic, but it also implies several things that apply to other metrics.

Turret tracking. The tracking value is fixed but depending on the ships angular velocity to the target will significantly change the damage dealt. BUT the turret tracking is the same.

Base align time as a stat seems fine to me. I think I’ve seen it somewhere?!

I loved my <1s ships :slight_smile:

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Is it really that hard to open the fitting window?

IIRC… that use to be in the agility number position in the fitting window? o?

and… Tracking use to be traversal velocity,

But, I am an old character and person and memories start to fade.

Align time is i nthe fitting window.

The figure for turret tracking is now a combination of stats to help simply the choice of what turrets to use.

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Base align is formula dependent on multiple variables, which means it’s not like the other information in the attributes tab.

Mass, speed, and agility are all variable by fit, and the interplay is interesting for the total align time.

Turret tracking is also dependent on outside factors. What’s your point?

Tracking as a base, rather than derived stat, is modified directly.

Agility and mass come into play, among other things, and the community standard “align time” is assuming a mathematically perfect 0 velocity, which is almost never the case except when exiting jump or having stayed still for multiple minutes.

The difference is that turret tracking is an L value. It is to the left of the equal sign in a formula that generates an output that is your chance to hit a target.

Align time is an R value. It is the result of a formula that takes your inertia modifier, mass, and difference between your current vector and alignment vector as L values to compute that result.

You can compute your align time with the given information if it is not computed for you. If your turret tracking and modifiers are not given, you have no way to derive them from a formula.

I’m sorry, but that’s absolute nonsense. Almost every ship stat can be changed by equipment. We might as well remove all stats from the info page by that logic.

Oh, and let’s not forget player skills too!

And how many “stats” are derived from others and displayed?
It’s an output, not something modified by fitting.

I’m sorry, what? Warp time is determined by how long it takes you to reach 75% of your max speed from a stand still. This is determined by your mass and your interia modifier. It’s not some arcane ritual.

Yes it is.

It is not a value of the ship.
So it is not shown on the ship info, which lists ship values.

The “align time” DOES NOT EXIST as a ship attribute. It is not a “critical stat” of a ship : it is a deduced value of a fit.

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Every ship has a base mass rating. Every ship has a base intertia modifier.

Ergo, every ship has a base time to warp. (Ex. The Noctis has a base warp time of 20.3 seconds.)

We might be flying around in space ships, but this isn’t rocket science.

Are we talking about listing the base (unmodified) align time?

It should display in the same manner as all stats do.

Ex. If I pull up the info for my Metamorphosis it should display an align time of 1.95 seconds, because I have Interial Stabalizers equipped. If I take them off it should go up to 2.4 or some such upon reloading the info screen.

Pretty sure the info is just the base ships stats, is it not? (no modifiers, etc.)

No? If you pull up your ship info it displays the current values.

Yes, when I pull up my ship info I get the modified inertia values, ie:

• Kronos (base) … 0.074x
• Kronos (my ship) … 0.039x

I know it’s not quite the align time value you’re looking for - but it is displaying the modified inertia?