Inertia Modifier

Alright I just got L5 In Minmatar Hauler… and I noticed something

My fit went from like 3.3 Alignment Time to 3.41.

Is this suppose to be the thing? Why would getting more skill increase the alignment and not decrease it? How does that make sense? Even looking at the Inertia modifier it has a up arrow to increase the value vice decrease it.

Minmatar T1 haulers have different bonuses for the hauler skill itself. The hauler skill itself does nothing but increase these bonuses. Both the Mammoth and Hoarder get bonuses to ship velocity while the Wreathe is the only one with a bonus to inertia. So inertia would go up for both the Mammoth and Hoarder and down for the Wreathe. As only the Wreathe will align faster.

This will carry over to the T2 minmatar haulers as well as their ship bonuses are to ship velocity.

So ultimately you have to get to a higher speed, as align speed is 75% of max velocity, and this takes a longer time now due to the higher skill level.

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So the skill itself shouldnt show a up arrow while the rest show a down?

Yup just checked. Minmatar haulers get a bonus to max velocity.

Faster your ship goes (IN TOTAL) the longer it takes to align.

This is why I :hearts: the Crane

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Nothing says the Skill: Minmatar Hauler gives Max Velocity. So why would the skill be an up arrow to adding inertia.

I have no idea then.

I do know you are getting more total speed. That’s why your align time went up.

The Caldari BR doesn’t have this issue. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, since the slow poke of the bunch you can be not wrong in dropping in a 10mn AB not usual 50mn MWD. And put the fitting savings to a named large extender. More volley insurance there.

Still the prowler if worked into in time is nice. One I have has been feeding this char more stuff to blow up nicely anyway. But I tend to move my stuff before the pirate stage 5 bubbles game begin tbh. Nullifier is there for when that comes up though.

Increasing maximum velocity alone actually doesn’t do anything to align time.

Using a prop mod will increase your align time because it increases your mass.

Slap an overdrive injector on something, it will align just as quickly.

It absolutely is not why.


I wouldn’t worry about the arrow directionality; it’s likely just poorly labeled due to some ambiguity about a bonus that makes something smaller.

Training to level 5 definitely improved your inertia in a wreathe.

Most likely you are misremembering your previous align time, or some other external factor is in play (boosters, implants, etc.).

Ignore what people are saying about velocity; they’re wrong. It doesn’t take longer to accelerate to a higher max velocity, provided all else is equal. Acceleration curve is from 0% to 100% and does not consider the actual magnitude.


If you fit an overdrive the align time does not go up it seems

Did you change anything about your fit?
Different boosters or implants? Misremember the previous value?

The arrows in the attribute value tooltip are often pointing the wrong way, this is a common bug I’ve seen a few times before, but the value and modifiers usually are correct.

Checking it in Pyfa, I get the same inertia modifier:


as result of the following numbers:


(This is with level 5s in spaceship command, evasive maneuvering, minmatar hauler).

Pyfa is a little more explicit with the values, so you can see that minmatar hauler indeed makes your inertia modifier go down like all the other options, and not up.

You can also see that the total inertia modifier (0.81 base for the Wreathe, 0.258 with these skills and modules) is the same for both Pyfa and your screenshot, so I doubt there’s a bug in the game with the Wreathe agility that Pyfa hasn’t picked up.

It does surprise me is that your alignment time is that low. Pyfa says it’s 3.57s for this fit with max skills.

When I check this fit (same as yours: all three skills level 5, 1x inertial stab T2, 2x nanofiber T2) ingame, I get 3.57s:


with the same numbers:

So I bet we’re missing something like a booster or environmental effect if your align time is lower than that.

And a final check on another character with Minmatar hauler level 3 instead of 5 shows


Which takes 4.05 seconds to align instead of 3.57.

So I’m pretty sure minmatar hauler does what it’s supposed to do: it makes your Wreathe more agile.


Why on Earth would you use an AB or a prop mod on a crane??? Also you are really supposed to cloak… The speed from a BR comes from warp. Most people will get caught at 2.5-3.5sec align anyways. Cloak is your only defense. Making the align time go super-fast is just a waste if you don’t cloak.

Yah my passive tanked crane saved me from 2 tornado ganks already. I think I got the right fit lol. I appreciate passive resist amps a lot more now as of recent times.

Beats me then. :man_shrugging: I knew it wasn’t some bug at least. :joy:

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I use a 10MN on all my BR fits!

Not that I use it while travelling, because as you said you’re supposed to fly cloaked in a BR, but I like having some kind of prop mod in my mid slots ‘just in case’. And a 10MN is easier to fit than a 50MN.

It’s not like there’s a better option for the mid slots anyway.

ECM burst is a no-go if you fly outside HS/LS because it disables your interdiction nullifier.

Shield tank is an option, but I’ve already got a large shield extender to survive some shots. However, you really should not get damaged in a BR anyway. Smartbombs are easily spotted on Dscan, and if you somehow manage to accidentally get decloaked while stuck in a bubble crashing for a gate in your blockade runner a few more shield tank mods are going to be less helpful than that 10MN to crash the gate.

Why would you not put a propmod on your BR?

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Various questions arise about the Align numbers, like did you change boosters, fit, compare on two different characters, compare from an older fit etc.

One thing to keep in mind, othering than figuring out where the number change came from, is that with 1-second server ticks the difference between 3.3 and 3.41 align time isn’t going to matter anyway.

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I just go with max tank on my BR as I just fly in HS. I figure if I get caught in LS/NS I am dead anyways.

Mind you I have been ganked twice by two tornados. One left be at 18% hull and one was 50%. So w/o my LSEs I would have died months ago. Something that a prop mod won’t do to save me. My crane is ALOT tankier now than it was on the first gank. :sweat_smile:

To each their own. :slight_smile:

Yeah it gives i something if a loot scooper dual boxed.

Now for max align time there is the option to not run cargo extender and run the astronautics rigs for aligning. Cargo space is hit ofc. had a crane setup like that once. It got low to mid 2’s. I haven’t tried it with minmatar haulers.

Or ye olde scout. they see what can be more instalock setups. Since only 1 account I ghetto it. For FOB moves yesterday this char ran routes from vard to see it clearish then hot swapped to the hauler.

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