CONCORD Speeding ticket

(March rabbit) #1

Just thought it would be funny read for some… :ok_hand:

(Tuttomenui II) #2

402,110 m/sec isnt very fast.

(Solonius Rex) #3

That would be cool. We could bump people out, and they would lose their ships AND get fined.

(Cypherous) #4

Its not a freighter though

(Solstice Projekt) #5

I remember this one… :smiley:

(Cristl) #6

That’s still subluminal. How about:

(Solstice Projekt) #7

I would love something like this in the game:
After five or six seconds of superluminal speed, the screen should go black, displaying white text:

“This is what the world looks like when you break the light barrier in conventional space.”

… *click* …

“You have died.”

… *click* …

“Not only have you died, you actually traveled into the past and managed to erase all of your existence.”

… *click* …

“All your assets and characters have been deleted. Have a nice day.”

… *client closes* …

(Tuttomenui II) #8

Freighter would go faster i think. I can give you the BM so you can try it with a freighter. =)

(March rabbit) #9

You all missed one perl in that text… It is mention of some Machariel:yum:

(Tuttomenui II) #10

I noticed it =). But mach will never bump like a star can =P.

(system) #11

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