SpaceX and racing EVE ships

So i get this video that pops up on my YouTube suggestions talking about spaceX launching a rocket the other day, and in watching the speedometer while the rocket makes it’s way to orbit the thing crossing my mind is “how does that size up to EVE speeds?” figured if anyone else had thought of that or is now curious, i’d post a thread on it.

so lets start with the video:

the link is the cut one minute before it launches, i’ll time stamp accordingly if you wish to follow along. I’ll convert the speed into mph for my fellow Americans then to m/s then TL;DR exactly how fast that is in EVE terms

20:06- first liftoff - 110 km/h - 68.35 mph - 30.56 m/s.
starting out early, right after the rocket achieves lift out of it’s second camera angle, it hasn’t caught anything yet. slowest ships in the eve universe are the titans and freighters, with even the Rorqual topping out at 75 m/s.

21:11 - Max Q - 1308 km/h - 812.75 mph - 363.33 m/s

so CRS-14 is currently having the highest aerodynamic pressure applied to it as that budget Chance Ravinne would explain in the video, we also know that mission control already reported it hit supersonic at around the same time. in terms of speed though, our IRL counterpart has only passed up multiple industrials and the pod at this point. it should be interesting to note the wreathe with a 10mn AB strapped to it can still keep up with it as well as the Zephyr, which at least in the way the eve lore puts it, is the most low-intensity ship in the cluster.

22:46 - Stage 1 separation - 7800 km/h - 4846.69 mph - 2166.67 m/s

so it should be important to note that the ship is decelerating at this point while the second stage engine kicks in, but now our IRL spacecraft has blown past just about everything’s base speeds without modification. it does also pass up a lot of AB fit ships, and maybe even some mwd cruisers? I know i fit a 10mn on a venture once that did close to that reported speed however, we still have one more stage.

29:05 stage 2 cutoff - 27100 km/h - 16839.16 mph - 7527.78 m/s

i thought the rocket would be stopped at max velocity tbh, but as i was watching again chance ravine wannabe states that they conduct this cutoff at orbital velocity… so just how fast is orbital velocity?

we certainly do cut up on a considerable amount of ships this time, and I’m almost certain all “utility” fit ships have been crossed off seeing as an MWD on an ares is 3500, and i got a person to tell me that bump machs are close in speed to stage one separation.

what about a speed fit?
i might just have one that i was told does 10k ms. threw it in pyfa and boom: 9953m/s. i guess we still have some work to do if we want to match eve speed.


It doesn’t. Ships in EVE are SLOW compared to real life speeds in space.

The speed required to achieve orbital velocity around the Earth is about 9.8Km/S, or 9800m/s which is nearly impossible to reach in EVE.

The Voyager II probe is traveling at 17km/s or 17,000m/s.

I think in EVE one of the fastest ships can achieve for a VERY short period about 6km/s.

Which is about 12 times the speed of sound. The typical afterburner fit does mach 4 in game… which is laughably slow in space.


Agree Completely with Lou, eve is many many years in the future it seems weird to have slower speeds than we can achieve in RL. I think the big difference is that eve ships can turn at those speeds where we cannot lol. Maybe space-X is over-sizing their prop mods LOL.

I thought orbital velocity changed depending on the orbital distance?

It does, but the minimum required to achieve true orbit around Earth and NOT be in the atmosphere is about 9.8km/s. This is about 180km altitude. If my memory serves me correct… been a while since I have had to think of it.

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Depends when we’re talking about, in the past we have had ships go 50+ km/s

Yeah until we hit warp AU speed then we are into a different ball park, not seen anything from Earth reach those velocities.


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EvE ships trade speed for fuel effeciency.

When was the last time you stopped your cruiser for fuel? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

–Space Trucker Gadget


Maybe :smiley: It might be the exact same speed with time itself changing, they would get a mission from a caldari navy agent go do the mission in an hour come back and apparently the agent died 2000 years ago xD.

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The agent in question jumps into a new clone at an old age, so he/she is nice and fresh awaiting our return. We all know C cannot be surpassed with mere rowing.

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My pet theory?

New Eden “space” is full of aether.

This might explain the slowness of ships… And why they turn how they do.


–Gadget Believes

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Life would be funnier if time moved faster, gravity was weaker and stuff was selectively harder or softer than IRL. :sunglasses:


SpaceX doesn’t have fancy shields,lasers,or religious inscriptions on the hull(crazy amarr people)
They also got no taste in cargo-we carry all sorts of fun stuff among our stock of ammo such as diverse forms of cattle from human to bovine,all sorts of drugs , frozen dead people and that’s just a fraction of the crazy things your crew has to put up with daily.

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You also have to take the mass of the flying object into account. The rifter frigate is about the size of a 747 jumbo jet. Weighs more too. Think of the strain any ship would be under trying to pull a fast turn at 2,500m/s. Also the SpaceX rocket is a fancy missile designed to carry something other than a warhead in its payload from atomshere to space and back. Ive had cruise missiles from a raven class caldari battleship hit 15,000+m/s but it was a special build for 250+km structure bashing. Id risk a guess that the gravitational/orbital part of the flight would be handled by automated processes in the back ground of the capsuleers mind.

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This is why we call “cartoons” or “fantasy” to those alternate realities. Their incoherence is just for internal purposes, like ensuring that Wile E. Coyote will survive to keep chasing the Road Runner, or that Superman can lift an airplane with his hands without piercing through it like a missile.


I disagree you cannot make Eve nerdy enough.

Or that Wile E. Coyote couldn’t catch a Road Runner…


I have to say I did laugh at the “filthy casuals” statement. More physics better game imo. As for the bots, well look at delve wins hands down every month.

+1 To the Superman statement.

Good old jello space.