I need to go fast

I need to go fast…

In eve today, is it posible to fit a ship which can fly more than 50km/s on average, on a 50.000km straight line under the conditions stated below?
(This means that the ship should be able to travel the desired length, in less than 10000sec (16.66min))


All lvl 5 skills
Ship must fly in High-sec
No Worm Hole effects
No jump clones
No Cynos, jump bridges, BOs etc…
No warping
No special edition ships
No changing of ships
No command burst effects, unless they are attached to the ship itself
All boosters and implants allowed

I HIGHLY doubt there’s any ship in eve that can even remotely approach 50km/s…

I recall watching a youtube video of Scott Manley briefly getting a frigate over about 20km/s (briefly because the modules burned out)

what about the bouncy sun thing

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You could try putting red stripes on it, that usually helps.


I’ve seen that happening on Chinese server without clear explanation: A Gila flying at around 100km/s and reached max speed of over 900km/s. Some says it is related to a bug in mass calculation.

It goes over 100km/s at around 5:10.

Sounds like you need a Drebuchet :stuck_out_tongue:

While this might be me being a noob, I can’t see that happening in the video, are you sure?

The only thing that happens at around the 5:10 mark is a ship on the overview moves to over 1000km away. Are you confusing the distance tab with the velocity tab?

It is the velocity tab. If you don’t get it, just look at how the distance number change over time.

It isn’t. The same tab has the distances to stargates, beacons and the sun in it … :grinning:

Don’t you understand what m/s means?

Yeah it is.

If you ain’t first, yer last.

Also, for those who would argue it is actually warping, look at 6:45. You can’t attempt to target a warping ship, system will tell you “it is warping” instead of “out of range”. Also the maneuver ar 8:00 doesn’t look like warping at all.

I do but the ships are just warping no? :thinking:

The ones you’re saying are traveling at ‘over 100km/s’ have just warped as far as I can see.

At 5:23 one of the ships is going at a speed of 754,900,80 m/s … as it warps.

Watch the massive speed boost then the deceleration back to normal speeds. Several of the ships do it, some of them as they leave the system via Stargates.

my max subwarp was about 250km/s. It was repeatable, but not sustainable. It was a bouncy planet.

As far as fastest loadouts, yeah, I don’t think 50km/s is really possible without glitches. At one point I believe a daredevil or a worm or something with an oversized prop mod could get around 24k/s, not sure if those loadouts still work, but that’s where I’d look for fastest.

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