Subwarp speeds; extreme velocity

Pilot achieved velocity of 13051 m/s, with stable capacitor, and has not been caught within empire space.

Overloaded and on 2 drugs: 21961 m/s.

Pilot’s ship fitting will be posted, if anyone asks. : picture of max speed (original)

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I would suggest stopping to post things like this or CCP will just nerf that kind of thing sooner than later.

fear is a mind killer.

Evolution gave us fear cause we ran from the tigers.
Fear does not leave us to much thinking, so a prolonged state of fear results in atrophy.
–Michael Tsarion, paraphrased.

It’s not so much fear but evidence based experience. That aside, it’s a nice achievement in any case.

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WoW! :star_struck: This achievement is so cool! Is it theoretically the top speed in EVE Online? Or there can be done something else to push it even further?

PS. Pls add ship fitting :sunglasses:

A formal attempt at establishing EVE speed records

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an overpropped Vagabond, plus correct implants, no drugs…

with a command booster with the correct boosts…

can achieve up to 30,000 to 32,000 m/s within 120 km
slam into an orca,
and pushit up to 500km with a single bump

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65.501 m/s - thats sick! :cold_face:

[Punisher, Vovina.]
Navy Micro Auxiliary Power Core
Navy Micro Auxiliary Power Core
Domination Overdrive Injector or T2
Domination Overdrive Injector or T2
Domination Overdrive Injector or T2

50MN Digital Booster Microwarpdrive
Dark Blood Cap Recharger

Improved Cloaking Device II
Core Probe Launcher II
Gatling Modulated Energy Beam I
Gatling Modulated Energy Beam I

Small Ancillary Current Router II
Small Ancillary Current Router I
Small Auxiliary Thrusters II

Powergrid remainder 0.1
CPU remainder 4.0

[Inventory / Cargo]
Sodium Firework CXIV
Copper Firework CXIV
Snowball CXIV
Radio S
Carbonized Lead S
Depleted Uranium S
Titanium Sabot S
Fusion S
Nanite Repair Paste
Core Scanner Probe I
Agency ‘Overclocker’ SB9 Dose IV
Quafe Zero

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