Need for Speed Contest - How fast can you go?

Velocity Blessed Capsuleers,

Do you have a need for speed? With the recent overheat bonus added to combat interceptors we want to see just how fast you can go!

We’re holding a short competition over the next week where we want to see a screenshot or short clip of your top speed in a combat interceptor on Tranquility - and be sure to let us know the story of how you achieved it!

1st Place: 500 PLEX + Howling Interceptors SKIN Bundle
2nd / 3rd: 250 PLEX + Howling Interceptors SKIN Bundle
3rd - 5th: Howling Interceptors SKIN Bundle

In the case of speed ties the first submission will be counted as faster! And for those clever capsuleers out there, no - sunbounces, POS bowling or warping don’t count! Your ship must reach top speed under its own power. We will stop accepting new entries after Monday November 2nd 2020.

Entries will be accepted either as posts in this thread or via replies to our posts related to this contest on social media.

Happy Racing!


“Jump to fleet member”

Fastest way to fly

Also… 1st… now if thats not speed i dont know what is :slight_smile:

Do New Eden Stars have gravity?

Isn’t this ultimately just a roll-the-best-abyssal-mwd contest when you really get down to it?


Of course. What else do you expect from CCP?

My entry.


**Edit. I forgot to overheat.

I don’t have the skills or money for this. So one of you might be able to get some plex:

Claw fitting with 50MN Corelum A-Type
Quafe Booster
Squire EG-606
Dark Abyssal with Yeet Cloud


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Wish this was more about who can bump the Orca off the belt at what speed?


I’m sure CODE would love that competition. It would be the first actual competition they have had.

Hey OOOOhhhh.


Don’t gank me.

Claw 64k m/s, now that we have a winner what is the next contest.

Yeah someone with the ISK and skills will need to take that in an Abyss just to welp it for the lulz.

Also if the pilot has a friend to fleet with a Bifrost using max Skirmish Command Specialist + Skirmish Command Mindlink



and the Sleipnir offers +4% but if they were both entering a Abyss site to get extra boosts I thought nothing larger than a Cruiser could enter.
Dark Penalty to Turret Optimal and Falloff Range Bonus to maximum velocity (+50%)

Time to find a C6 black hole, lol


does it have to be interceptors?

Without any cheating, implants, yeet clouds, or any of that other gumpf… one omen navy, cheap fit, shy of 11k m/s and more importantly, cap stable and has utility.

does it have to be interceptors?

I mean, you’re still like a whole order of magnitude away from achievable numbers, so it kind of does?

No links, so I only got this.

And this with a Crusader:

Sorry I forgot to mention, that is the speed taken in highsec while docked and no effects applied.
Skirmish links will increase the speed obviously and some speed clouds in abnormal space or a class 6 black hole will double that speed +33% from the links.

That’s the Crusader fit:

[Crusader, Crusader speed]
True Sansha Reactor Control Unit
Navy Micro Auxiliary Power Core
Navy Micro Auxiliary Power Core
Overdrive Injector System II

50MN Digital Booster Microwarpdrive
Small Capacitor Booster II

Small Ancillary Current Router II
Small Ancillary Current Router II

Edited with a cap booster, so you can accelerate to full

And you need hg-snakes alpha-omega, the zor hyperlink, quafe ultra and the agency overclocker IV.

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Seriously, you need to prohibit abyssals from the competition or else the pyfa warriors are going to go nuts


37,740 m/s

I think Aurora was clear that people need to obtain a top speed in an interceptor ON Tranquility, not in Pyfa or ship sims. :slight_smile: