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Space travel is more important than ever in Eve’s meta. Let’s have a look at some data!

A fast frigate can travel at around 10km/s. The speed of light is 299,792km/s, and 3au/s is 448,788,624km/s

  1. If you wanted to make a safe spot 1au away, it would take the frigate 173 days to get there.
  2. If you traveled at the speed of light, it would take 8 minutes and 19 seconds.
  3. At 3au/s it would take 1/3 of a second (easy button)
  1. If you want a safe spot 15au away, it would take the frigate 7.1 years.
  2. It would take 2 hours if you traveled at light speed.
  3. At 3au/s it’s just 5 seconds!
  1. The frigate would take 128,910 years to travel to Proxima Centauri (4.3ly)
  2. It takes light 4.3 years to get there. (easy button again)
  3. It’s about 1 day of warp speed at 3au/s.

So the lesson is this; after you travel to Proxima Centauri in your frigate for 128,910 years you can finally see the Star up close. Then you can go afk to have a piss, and as soon as you unzip a group of Triglavians will warp in and gank you. But, while your guts and eyeballs are being vaporized, you have one final thought: I could have just docked up at that 15au station. I only had to hold my piss for 7.1 more years.


Fun thread. As a Christian, I’m a firm believer God put this speed limit in our universe, in part, so we can only look. But never touch.


Well I believe that Mark will be beaten someday. Also close to blackholes , space and time are altered from our standart parameters, so we arent talking about something non existent in nature allready

I just think it wishful thinking because of the relationship between time and distance.

All speed of light objects are simultaneously at all places and all times at once. Where the quantum scale converges from a fractional continuum into a single unit.

We dont yet know how interaction with that unit of time (where all things exist all at once) precipitates into the universe like little pepper flakes spread out on a table made of very nearly infinitessimal slices of time and space.

But as you noted a black hole seems to get close to converging this.

About 1/3r speed of light at visible side of event horizon.

The problem is that conversion is an entropy sausage grinder.

Everything that goes in loses all information.

Physically we might think of it as obliteration into a plank unit size of slices of your entire body into nothing of any useable information to even reconstruct you.

Yes so it’s a matter of time xD

Good pun!

I like this stuff.

Here’s a reason you cant time travel.

Suppose I go back in time 1000 years but didnt go back in space…the Earth would be wherever it was 1000 years ago and I’d be in space.

Huum no, as time and space are bound , so y can’t travel in time without doing it also in space xD

What I mean is theres a point where the curves cross.

At that point space and time are equal (effectively one Planck unit or all Planck units…it becomes unitary). And that convergence is at the speed of light.

Where all information is lost because its unitary.

Think of it this way. Computers work in bytes…bits etc.

0 and 1. To create information.

Through compression (algorithms) you can compress that information into smaller and smaller bytes of information.

But if all you have is 1…you have no information at all.

You cant even convey true/false if all you have is 1.

This is why in some physics circles theres a theory that all electrons and photons are the same one. Just interacting at different points of space time in its unitary journey throughthe universe

Nice point never thinker about that…so a quantic physics matter?

I travelled through time to comment first on this post but I can see that my phonebox needs some calibrating.



WTS Tardis

Multimedia Interface
Unlimited FTL gravitic pulse data package
Polaris Upgrade package

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It all depends whether you are in the ship or observing the ship as to how long it will take to get anywhere.

There is no speed limit, just limits to what we can do at this moment.

One more tidbit.

If a stargate can move my ship 2ly in 5 seconds, then I’m traveling at 12,614,400 times the speed of light. At that rate, we could travel to the edge of the universe (45,000,000,000 ly) and it would take us 3,567 years.

But who put that stargate out there?

And what about the chicken and the egg? Did the aliens lay the egg for the first chicken? Is the answer in area 51?

Presumably the stargate accelerates you and you land at a target with a large CEP. The other stargate just helps you land on the target better.


Assuming we even escape this dome or get beyond the ice wall.

It is quite possible that FTL will never be possible regardless of our technology advancement and the only way to ever get to proxima centauri is sublight Generation ships.

Isn’t that an interesting point to start from in theorizing the future.

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If you would travel at the speed of light, you would hold it for no time. Someone from outside would be amazed at you for holding it for all those years.


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Religious trolling … man, how I did not miss that. :blush: