Battleships - please buff scan res. This is something everyone wants

If you cant instapop that stiletto then you dont need that kind of incane scan res.

Battleships can also apply dps to small targets, they always did and they are designed to do it pretty well if all the conditions are given. Especially if they are fitted with scram/web/grappler. If you give them OP scan res, then killing a battleship with a bunch of frigs and cruisers in low sec will always be at the cost of half of your fleet, if not entire fleet. This is stupid. Battleships should not lock targets faster then frigs, dessies and cruisers.

If you want to give them a significant boost to scanres, then boost it to a level, slightly worse than BCs scan res. Or just make their scan res same.

‘If you use two mods and the small targets are right on top of you then you can track them well’…
We aren’t asking for Battleships to lock targets faster than cruisers, we are asking for them to not be as much slower as they currently are. Hyperbole much?

CCP themselves have said Battleships are not balanced against the other subcap sizes atm.

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Dude, not every battleship needs those mods, have you ever flown machariel, bhaalgorn, vindicator, barghest or nightmare? Wtf dude.

Ok, boomer. I just realised whom I am talking to.

They are not balanced and need some changes, yes. But not OP changes

Why yes, well done posting the KB of my mission running & live events character, who hasn’t done anything since Live Events got removed from the game clap clap Oh wait, isn’t posting KB’s purely to mock against the rules, pretty sure it is…

Anyway, you haven’t explained why any buff to Battleships lock speed is an overpowered change, you’ve only posted stupid hyperbole that no-one here has asked for to try and pretend to make a point, but only made a lovely strawman.

Well, if you have your pvp character that has a vast experience of doing pvp on battleships, then please provide it here or somewhere else. This is a rule of thumb in any constructive Eve discussion, you know.

I think it should be, but Im not mocking you, I just read your weird words, and asked myself “Whaaat? Did he ever flew that thing?”, and then I opened your KB to find the BS usage record. Needless to say that I havent found any. Thats why I claim this argument invalid, since you are clearly not the person who knows what he is talking about. Why are you talking about things that you have little to zero experience in?

Waaaaait. So incursions, Live events and missions involve no Battleship usage? I mean just talking from that KB alone.
Also there are more ways to gain experience than just flying a ship in a null fleet, which seems to be what you are wanting me to produce a KB of, so no, I never play the ‘produce a KB’ game, nor do I ever ask anyone to.

What I do do is ask people to produce an actual logical argument, rather than a strawman, or ad hominem to address something, I mean, surely if you have such experience you seem to be implying you can explain why any change to Battleships lockspeed would be overpowered right, since no-one in this thread ever asked for the level of buff you were addressing before right.

Or you know, present an alternative buff to Battleships that you feel won’t overpower them, since even CCP is in agreement that Battleships are not in a healthy place in the Meta.

But so far you’ve just shifted the goalposts repeatedly.

No, none of them demands insta-lock ability on battleships. In fact, there is no PvE activity in the entire game that demands that.

If you dont fly battleships in PvP (mostly solo) and dont fight against them, then you know nothing about them. And as i see, you cant even understand how horrible and unbalanced is the change that you proposed. Its just cancerous and it’ll rount the entire game. But this is unknown to you, for the reasons known to me however.

Nah, its just the language barrier between us. No, Im not talking about me and my bad English, if you know what I mean.

Why are you bothering to talk about insta-lock ability on battleships when no-one has ever asked for it in this thread. You are literally arguing a strawman here.
I mean, unless you are trying to bury the thread by constantly lying about what people are asking for, using the tell a lie 100 times till it becomes a truth idea, in which case stop going off topic.

I’m calling BS, since I’ve repeatedly asked you to actually show some logical argument or evidence, and you keep reverting to a strawman.

Can you just stop throwing your ■■■■ around, just sit down and listen? Noone is trolling you here, its just more experienced dude tries to explain how bad will be your change. It will devastate too many things out there.

No, you’ve literally posted zero explanation.
You’ve gone off on strawmans repeatedly. You’ve gone and tried to use the old ‘your forum character Killboard doesn’t have the Epeen I demand it have’. You’ve used the ‘You just don’t understand’. It’s like a Bingo game of all the fake buzzword arguments used on the forums here.
But at no point have you ever provided any actual explanation.

Ok, lets just draw a line here. Argument invalid.

And that makes a Bingo with the final evasion of ‘this is stupid’.
And still zero explanation of why any buff to scan res is overpowered. And zero alternative suggestions for fixing the battleships place in the meta that even CCP have admitted is an issue.

Probably because your lack of experience, that created a completely pointless and meaningless type of discussion.

I cant afford to waste my time on that, so I wish you good luck posting.

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how many frigates are you flying with??
We tend to roam with 2-10 people. Never do we kill a battleship without it locking us. In fact he’s probably firing/neuting whatever for 90% of the fight so i’m not sure what your point is other then that you perhaps fly in groups of 100 frigates and insta blap a battleship

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oh you are a krab / nullbloc number.


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The cancel culture is alive and well in eve too, I see.

Theres at least 3 things wrong with that sentence.

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LOL. I find this entire discussion hilarious, because you people lack historical context. It’s not your fault - you weren’t around in earlier times. I will now provide that historical context.

Years ago, battleships used to be fine. But Eve has always a group of people that we will call “big ship haters.” By this, I mean that they hate anything bigger than a cruiser. Years ago capital ships weren’t really a thing, so at that time they focused their rage against Battleships. One of their rallying cries was “bigger should not mean better!” By this, they meant that smaller, cheaper, and easier to skill into ships should mean better. So they agitated on the forums for nerfs. Constantly. And over time, they got those nerfs, because 1) a small but vocal minority is like a squeaky wheel that gets the grease, 2) there was not much opposition from the majority because they were not activist forum warriors like the “big ship haters,” and 3) contrary to what CCP or anyone else says, CCP balances according to “forum whine.”

Thus, battleships were crippled and neutered in numerous ways, and left in a state to where they were relegated to “level 4 mission running ships.” I used the phrase “level 4 mission running ships” because one particular “big ship hater” on the forums years ago used that exact phrase. He said the role of battleships was “level 4 mission running ships,” and having been nerfed down to that status, that’s where they should remain, because that was their (newly-prescribed by him) role.

After having achieved their goal of killing battleships, the “big ship haters” later moved on to focusing their hate and forum whine onto capital ships. This is where it has been ever since. So over time capships have been nerfed more and more. More nerfs will be coming in the future. They will be put into a role of “nullsec anom running ships.”

So, there you go. Historical context provided by yours truly - Beast.

I’ve been doing fine, you need to learn how to kill both ship and pod. This is a win, ship only? Loss.

I learned this is my fine new hypernet won machariel. 700 isn’t great, but it’s good enough.

Oh man, if this was 10 yrs ago, I would be the 1st one to jump on this bandwagon!

But sadly, I have to agree with this.