Sensor Resolution Compensator

I propose a rig that reduces lock range by 90% and increases scan resolution BY 200%(x3 total). With the appropriate rigging skill to V this would bring the penalty to 67.5%. No capital version of this rig would exist.

I thought of this with large subcaps in mind and the overly safe nano scourge.

just use an insta hic

All battleships need their sensor resolution increased by a lot.

why? it’s easily compensated for

Because some are worse or the same as capitals. The Rokh and Scorp Navy have 92mm sig res. The naglfar has 106mm. T1 raven is 106mm. A mega is 116m. There is no reason BS should have the sig res less than a capital, or even close.

Some carriers (thanny/niddy) have similar sig res as battleships as well, and they have a highslot NSA which makes them lock like a cruiser, or better.

So either BS lock speed needs a buff (150-170mm base) or capitals need their sig res cut by 40-50%.

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Those are interesting numbers. I also think it’s strange that a battleship has the same sig rez as a capital. That said I’d drastically reduce the capital res, not increase the BS stats.

did you just compare caldari and minmatar and try to use carriers to justify your point? And that’s not to mention capital scan res has nothing to do with battleship when we are talking balance

considering that the capital numbers are built to work with siege and they fill different roles it is neither strange nor a justification for change.

carriers are meant to have instant locking this comes from when they were not supposed to need to lock at all but ccp could not get the code to work. Dreads can not receive remote assistance like battleships can.

The sensor booster is also available for capitals, still doesn’t explain why a battleship needs worse sensors than a dread.

never said anything about the sensor booster…

different ships different roles. like I said battleships are built with the potential of remote assistance in mind

and no caldari BB is worse than a caladari dread no minm BB is worse than a minm dread

They’re a different ship class and should not be that close to begin with. The step from bc to bs is a massive res drop. Going even further to capital should be night and day just like every other jump.

And no, battleships aren’t meant for RR that’s just something that they and every other non siege ship can do.

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the drops are not some mandatory thing that comes with a change of ship class they are done based on how fast those ship classes should lock.

dreads had theirs overall scan res buffed when the penalty was removed from siege after it was agreed there was no need for dreads to take that long to lock

Irrelevant. There’s no reason battleships should take so long to lock when they’re being out dpsed and sometimes even outtanked by smaller ships.

they aren’t if you are supporting them

Same goes for any other ship.

no other than specialized ships BBs have higher DPS and tank potential. you just have to have support to reach it

Yes marginally higher at the cost of 90% less of everything else.

hyperbolizes weaken an argument not strengthen them

Your views and experiences in the game are obviously much different than what I’ve witnessed and done so I doubt we will ever agree. Also I digress this thread is not about caps or battleships it’s about a proposed rig.

I wasn’t the one that made it about caps. you have yet to justify the need of the mod

There is no need. It’s a proposed feature. I want nano subcaps to be less prominent, especially in small kitchen sink fights. That’s my reasoning.