Sensor Resolution Compensator

… there is no need to justify your proposal?

this wont fix that…

No I meant, there is no NEED, replying to you saying"need of the mod". And no it won’t completely fix it or change much but it will make nano a little less safe.

considering scan res is not the reason an unsupported BB isn’t a threat to nano fleet safety this wont have any effect

Actually a geddon with 35ishkm lock range warp speed rigs and 700 scan res would be a very big threat to frigs solo or small gang. This is just one example.

Anyways the thread isn’t about just battleships. The rig is for all subcaps. Particularly ones with extra lock range.

EVE is simply too safe in the smaller ships.

Moros: 94mm
Revelation: 100mm
Phoenix: 88mm

Moros and rev have more and the phoenix is a wopping 4mm less than those listed. The Abaddon is only 6mm more than a rev.

A different “role”. You mean when dreads are HAW fit and do the exact same thing as battleships? More playstyles exist than nullblobs or max logi battleship comps, your way of playing isnt the only way. Yes, battleships get RR, dreads also can acheive 20k dps active tanks and HAW can do 2800-5k dps, which BS cant. If you want to talk XL weapon dreads, why do they need almost the same scan res as some battleships (or better) to lock capital ships that have massive signatures?

No point discussing it further with you though, you just like to live in your bubble of EVE ignoring everything else and then making up your own roles for things when a stat is clearly out of place in comparison to the every other ship progression.

no they do not the only ones those three beat are the ECM battleship don’t go around lying

also HAW break a lot of things in eve using a broken mechanic to justify a mechanic.

as you sit there and use terms like “those listed above” but ignore all but one that was listed above. That one being the lowest scan res of any battle ship do to its role as an ECM platform. A single RSEBO will get any BB higher than a dread

This guy…

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