Next Summit Brainstorming - New Ships

Sansha Destroyer/BC would be really cool I agree.

I want t3 frigates

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THis is a late reply, but I suspect youll read it anyhow. I’m new, 2 days of playing and I LOVE the game, but the ships…ugh. Not very attractive at all when I first joined.

Some of the ships, well the vast majority are ugly AF. This coming from a previous aircraft structural mechanic. Been around aircraft since 3rd grade, and I love aerodynamics. Smooth skinned shape craft, and features. Would it kill you guys to make a very very realistic design based on current space craft dynamics? ferrari-spaceship-designed-by-flavio-manzoni_100509864_h

I’d like to see a atleast 1 variation for all classes of ships small, medium, large, of a smooth skinned ship but with bulged features for obvious things such as engines, scopes, guns, sensors, and other things. The majority of the ship should be very streamline, without panel lines, extremely featureless, and with a beautiful paint design. I’d like these ships to be very fast, and maneuverable, but have offset features such as low shielding that can be adjusted with upgrades ofc, but powerful in fire power.

EVE should take a nod from real life (wars) and there should be more upgraded variants of existing craft. I don’t even fly any ships that got nerfed, yet hearing about it depresses me…like people recently complaining about a nerf to the Gila. Rather than nerfing ships (which pretty much never happens IRL) what CCP should do is put EVE in a constant state of upgrading flux. Never mind about balance. As soon as some ship starts appearing superior, upgrade a bunch of ships and the let the players find which one has just become top dog. And I am not talking about major alterations here…just slight upgrades in target resolution, shield strength, base speed, warp speed, damage, range and ROF modifiers etc. No need to fret over balance in a game of perpetual one upmanship. Further, a lot of this could be based on researching of blueprints, with the basic blueprint turning out the old model, and more researched ones turning out the newer models. Hell, not even cars are the same year to year.

A new interesting ship could be a covops with a ship maintenance bay for blops reshipping. Could be a t2 bowhead hull.

Power creep is a horrible mechanic that ruins games go read about it.


You have to remember that eve ship’s are designed during war, our ship’s are designed during peace they do not need reinforcement or contingency having hulls inside hull’s.

If ships were to be designed like that they would have to be very heavily shield based and have paper thin armor + hull to reinforce the design.

But come on Eve ship’s are beautiful man look at this masterpiece:

As with so many things, its not always the basic idea, but rather the implementation. I can’t see how perpetual nerfing is any better.

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I have started a new thread named “O.R.E. Faction Development”
It’s not that this is not good, but I didn’t see this thread yeasterday, - and I think, i might be a good idea to seperate factions.

Please join and let have all our O.R.E. ideas collected.

Battleships - Tech 2 versions of the old Tier 3 Battleships (Abaddon//Rokh/Hyperion/Maelstrom), focussed on outright combat, with heavy damage and tanking bonuses. Why? Because there aren’t any Tech 2 combat battleships yet, only Blackops and Marauders. For example:

Abaddon hull: 7.5% cap/usage bonus per level, 7.5% armor HP bonus per level, on top of the damage and resist bonus it currently has would be great.
Rokh hull: 7.5% damage bonus, 7.5% shield HP bonus per level, on top of the range and resist bonus it currently has.
Role bonuses could be MJD or Afterburner-related depending on the hull.

Battlecruisers - Tech 3, using the subsystem method, not the ‘Mode’ method used for the T3 Destroyers. As for roles, they could be multiple depending on subsystems used, but I would want to see an offensive subsystem with better dps than T3 cruisers, a speed subsystems, tanky subsystems etc.

Tech III ships were a mistake.

I’m not a fan of those potential bonuses. MJD ? Get a Marauder. AB ? Get a Sansha’s Nation ship.

That’s just your opinion. They made all kinds of new tactics available from their weird and wonderful subsystem combinations… Slippery Petes to name just one.

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Instalok/instawarp Svipul plague.

Let’s not go back there again…

Never said it was something else friend :slight_smile:

But it’s not only my opinion, but something a lot of people through the community think. EVE ships are made to be great in some situations, and suck hard in all the others. It’s up to the pilot to get into those situations, and avoid the ones where his ship is weak at all costs.

Tech III ships are just against this “rule”. Yes, the cruisers can still be refitted on the fly, which allow for easy changes in the fit (travel fit and combat fit packed in the same vessel). But then, why would one class be able to pack both battleship tank and DPS, cruiser agility and signature radius and the ability to simply change the situations in which they excel without the need of static installations, such as citadels or stations ?

And to continue on @Wanda_Fayne’s idea, even Tech III destroyers are a plague. You don’t even need to sacrifice cargo space anymore to transport a second fit : your second fit is built in your hull directly with the Modes. Need to travel or escape ? Just switch to Propulsion. Want to become a kiter with cruiser DPS ? Sharpshooter. Want to have cruiser tank with destroyer radius ? Defense.

Yeah, they can still be killed. But the number of professions, even PVP and Piratery, where Tech III vessels just outshine pretty much everything else is way too big.

To be fair, I agree with you here. I really don’t like the Mode way of doing things for T3. Having said that, I don’t really use T3 for that much except flying in lowsec safely, it’s all about the Barghest for me.

Eh, each and every one of us have its favourite ship =)

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