Is there ever gonna be another tech 3 ship?

In recent years, CCP seems to have focused more on faction ships, and it feels like tech 3 hasn’t really gotten any major developments since tactical destroyers were introduced.

Are we ever going to get another tech 3 ship?

Don’t get me wrong, faction ships are interesting, but a new tech 3 ship would be more interesting in my mind, and perhaps it would shake up the meta.

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Part of me says, “yes, more toys.” The other part says, “what will be it’s intended purpose? How will it affect balance? Does it “fix any gameplay issues” or cause any problems? What effect would they have on play styles of all areas of space? Is there any sort of purpose to this, or are we just throwing stuff into the game just because it seems cool?”


Don’t get me wrong, the kid in me loves new toys. But the adult in me wants to ensure that they are designed with more purpose and intent than “it would be interesting.”


But wouldn’t ship development keep advancing, they have a set of stats for say the Rupture , which ccp seems to think is right for the game ,they could change something ,a very small amount and give the ship a whole new look .

In game terms not much changes other than look , I know people will say what’s the point but what’s the point of skins, and some ships I will not fly because of the look .

You could have stories linked to say a new Rupture type ship that was from one of the tribes , still a T1 ship but with a new model and a small chance to something .

A lot of people use T1 ships so make it more interesting for us all .

You guys aren’t being true visionaries. The question you all should be asking is: will there ever be a Tech 4 ship?

You know how…

  • A Tech I ship is just a normal ship, and you can change it inside the station
  • A Tech II ship is a modular ship, and you can change parts of its functionality using the fitting window/service
  • A Tech III ship is a multi-purpose ship, and you can change its archetype via a button press in space

Well, using progression logic and loosely applying some calculus principles, we can conclude that a Tech IV ship would be an omni-ship, able to change its inherent ship type (e.g. be a frigate, or a mining barge, or a titan), and it would do so automatically without any sort of player input, based on machine-learning-driven AI-based decisions made according to the player’s current circumstances.


Not necessarily T3 but a new ship with bonuses to (role bonus) fireworks (and snowballs) increasing the size of the launched fireworks by +500% and holograph projector size by +25% per a related skill level would be something useful and fun during celebrations, events and as a moral booster during fleet ops. Alternatively it could also fit a command burst launcher to can apply actual combat bonuses to represent the effects on moral. Another alternative could be for it to have a fire rate bonus for festival launchers.

A new module called holograph projector would be developed just for this ship which using a related script as ammo or simply as a feature that can be set by right clicking the module to change mode would allow the ship to project the alliance or corporation logo or the pilot character’s portrait above it. The effect would be similar to how logos are projected outside of player structures.

It could be called the Flag Projector class or full name Holographic Flag Projector class. Alternatively it could also be called the Banner Bearer class. It could be categorized as a Flag Cruiser or a new class could be made called a Flag destroyer or Flag Frigate depending on the size classification that applies. Or a new category could be made for this if the difference in role compared to the Monitor Flag Cruiser would confuse some people though personally I think it would fit to categorize it as some kind of Flag ship.

It wouldn’t be more survivable than a regular T1 version of the same size class of ships but should be at least fairly expensive but if needed for balance then extremely expensive.

Just a random idea. If CCP implements this give me 1% of all LP store purchases of the related BPC. :wink:


I like it.

I also wish you could set a timer how frequently festival launchers fired. As it stands right now, they’ll shoot off the next firework long before the first one is finished, or you have to sit there manually controlling the light show. I wish I could just set a delay in seconds (for each launcher independently) for how often they auto-repeat.

We also need things like fireworks that explode into giant middle fingers, and graffiti bombs that will draw dicks on a person’s ship that will remain until they clean it.

CCP needs to get their priorities straight, because this what the game actually needs.

Backburner the mining changes. I need fireworks that explode into smiley faces, hearts, salt-shakers, and teardrops.

Oh snap, remember when they talked about propaganda structures? I wonder if that idea has just been backburnered, or if they scrapped it completely.


Typical afk bot aspirant carebear :stuck_out_tongue: the added value of having to do it manually is what makes it even more fun for both the performer and the spectators. :wink:

Compare this:

(epilepsy seizure warning rapidly flashing colored lights, only click at your own risk)


With this:


For the lazy :stuck_out_tongue: there are two options right now in this regard:

The first one with 20 sec the second with 4 sec fire rate.


I did not know that they had different fire rates. TY.

Interesting… just thinking of how this could be used to troll. :smiling_imp: :honeybee: :octopus:

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Yes would be a viable psyops tool for sure. :triangular_flag_on_post: :slight_smile: :flags:

I want a graffiti bomb that warns people of gankers like a ring of yellow and black tape or lights and in the centre red and blue lights and a siren sound

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I’m not sure T3 ships were ever a good idea because they simply made the T2 ships that were used previously obsolete in a lot of cases.

I actually like this.

Anti-gankers get a new tool in their toolbox, and gankers could counter by creating alarm fatigue.

Well, I missed out on era where they were OP (i was training them when they were nerfed). However, they seem to be in a good spot now. I mean, I certainly make use of both T2 and T3 ships.

Speaking of which, I wish we you could charts of ship usage/deaths. CCP has shown various graphs before (i.e. most used missioning ships, or most undocked ships in a class), and I’d like to see more. Love me some graph porn.

Would be completely useless due to people who fall for gankers are AFK otherwise they would pay attention to local and see a bunch of reds sparking. As such they wouldn’t see nor pay attention to the warning sign in space either. :slight_smile:

I hope not, unless they create some new sort of play style where we simply don’t have any current ships for it would only cause more problems.

How about an Exploration Base Ship? Sorta like Orca and Bowhead combined but with various sized bays for cargo, loot and rigged ships. Instead of providing bonus Command Bursts for your ships, have it double as a temporary anchored base requiring fuel for shield operation like a POS.

That would be super cool. Not sure that needs to be a T3 ship. T3 ships have a tendency to be difficult to balance because they have (way too) many options. They can’t even balance normal ships in a normal time frame, lets not assume they can balance ships that have several options.

Having a T2 variant of the Orca would, in my eyes, totally fit that role though.

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Yeah, I agree.

Since it’s an Exploration Base Ship, it needs to be Nomadic, able to quickly anchor and un-anchor so the explorer can travel around.

When a system is found with a lot of exploration signatures, the ship sets anchor, turning it into a temp base with a POS type shield that consumes Fuel. Then the explorer can undock one of his ships from the ship bay to go run the sites.

Since the sites have various ship restrictions, the ship bay would need to hold a few different sized rigged / fitted ships. Loot from the sites would go into the loot bay and the cargohold would hold munitions, charges, drones, depots, etc. Probably have the Fuel for Anchored Base mode be in a separate bay.


Now I know what I want for Christmas. But all tech IV have to have moving parts and able to switch from Attack to Propulsion/Defense modes too.