What happened to Tech3?

Greeting all.

I just returned to the game after 10 years. I had a Tech3 cruiser back then. Since then no other Tech3 ships/items/skills?

Where are the Tech3 battleships? Tech3 guns and drones?

What am I missing?



There are tech 3 -destroyers now.

ikr :confused:

Unfortunately you’re not missing much (except the destroyers)

Its mainly due to actually needing to find a niche that fits with T3’s

You don’t want a T3 battleship that is basically just a larger T3C, i mean if you can come up with compelling ideas you can share them in the features and ideas section of the forum, but outside of that adding T3 for the sake of adding T3 isn’t a great idea

T3 was a mistake.


Still is.

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Double 1600 plated HAM Legion FTW.

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Why stop there? Why not tech4 or tech 5? A cruiser that transforms into a carrier? A cruiser that can one shot doomsday a titan? A cruiser that mines PLEX for you while you’re logged off?

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Did you say the same about tech 2 things?

Sure. 425mm autocannon III, deals 10,000 dps. 400km range. One type of ammo, deals aoe damage to everything in a 30km range. Costs about a billion isk per module though.

Tech 3 was over the top, they even restricted it’s use in factions.

No point adding more.

Tech 3.
3 means there are three 1’s.
111 = 111.
Three ones means 3 people.
It takes 3 people for a menage-trois.
There are Prostitutes and Fedos for sale on the market.
See where I’m going with this?

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