Well i'm fine with T3C changes so far :)

My cloaky proteus lost 2 lowslots and gained 2 highslots and 2 hardpoints. It can warp cloaked and do 1000dps while tanking 800-1000dps stood still, and still has space for an expanded probe launcher. These changes are such a boost for solo / small gang cloaky hunting. Similar experiments with the Legion show potentially even better results.

Dunno about other uses, but cloaky T3 are twice the animal they used to be although with tank a bit more in line with a pimp BC fit that a pimp BS fit.

I remember back when i tried a cloaky laser Legion i was hard pressed to get 300dps without crazy fitting compromizes… Oh how times are gonna change for the covert boys :slight_smile:

Anyone else loving life?

Nice :parrotbeer:


for how long

Not forever because armor, but for a decent amount of time considering it’s a covert ops and should be doing more execution style stuff.

yeah i alreaded looked at the active rep gank boat but i wasnt impressed tbh
1 minute of reps
instant death under neuts
i wont be using it personally

I’ll get way more than a minute and can stand up to minor neuting, however a decent neut would do me. With that said, consider that this covert T3C now does similar or more DPS than a BLOPS as well as moving faster and tanking considerably if temporarily. It is cheaper than a BLOPS too, meaning aside from one BLOPS to jump everyone back i think we’ll start to see more T3 in black ops executions than ever before.

You are correct about the front line fighting restrictions however, i’m just not as unhappy as i thought i’d be and in case of cloaky setup i think they’ve improved.

fair enough
i think the buffer fit still looks more attrractive even though it lost 60k ehp
buffer would probably be the choice for blops gangs though because you now have a logi cloak proteus
it can run 6 reps cap stable and has a decent buffer

Yeah thats good input, and to be honest i was thinking in bed last night that buffer would make me feel safer. I didn’t really design the Proteus i’m speaking of for BLOPS since i mostly do solo stuff, but as a side thought i imagined that being in same ballpark stats as a BLOPS but cheaper might see a shift in meta. As for the active reps i may even still fold and go buffer fit.

Haven’t investigated logi T3 yet but it’s on the table for today maybe.

EDIT : Bubble nulified blops drop :slowparrot:

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Sounds like this will get adjusted sometime soon.™

So i made a Covops Nulified Logistic Proteus today. It gets 7 medium remote reps to 50km falloff, goes near 2km/s heated and has again approx 1000dps burst tank or high resistance buffer. Runs all remotes and 2 personal reps stable as long as cap boosters last in dual boosters. May need a 2-3% CPU implant or something. Covops logi is nice so far, this is just a quick build :sunglasses:

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You are all teases with these numbers, please link fits :grinning:

Yeah a buffer fit will be better for pvp as less can go wrong. I wish CCP would have made the reps a little stronger and reduced cap usage or gave the cloaky sub a bonus to overheating hardeners, then I would consider active over passive tank.

I’ll link the Logi fit when i get back onto EvE.