Whats the new proteus meta for solo wh pvp?

Alright everyone! So I fly a proteus (only t3c I can) and fly it blaster fit. Web, scram, ab fit with a single armor rep. I am curious as to the differences in this type of fit vrs that of a drone/neut proteus and a rails/sniping proteus. Does anyone have any thoughts as to which is the most consistent in solo wh ganking? My drone skills are pretty atrocious and I’m trying to decide if I should go after those drone skills if it is more efficient or better for me (being better able to survive or not if things go south) in the long run. Or does it even matter and just train for a loki :slight_smile: Have a nice day!

It doesnt matter tbh.

[Proteus, Proteus]
True Sansha Medium Armor Repairer
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Imperial Navy Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane
Imperial Navy Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane

Medium Capacitor Booster II
50MN Quad LiF Restrained Microwarpdrive
Caldari Navy Warp Scrambler
Caldari Navy Stasis Webifier

Heavy Neutron Blaster II
Heavy Neutron Blaster II
Heavy Neutron Blaster II
Heavy Neutron Blaster II
Heavy Neutron Blaster II
Heavy Neutron Blaster II
Sisters Expanded Probe Launcher
Covert Ops Cloaking Device II

Medium Anti-Explosive Pump II
Medium Nanobot Accelerator II
Medium Nanobot Accelerator II

Proteus Offensive - Hybrid Encoding Platform
Proteus Propulsion - Localized Injectors
Proteus Defensive - Covert Reconfiguration
Proteus Core - Friction Extension Processor

Republic Fleet Warrior x5
Hornet EC-300 x5

Sisters Core Scanner Probe x8
Federation Navy Antimatter Charge M x2841
Sisters Combat Scanner Probe x8
Navy Cap Booster 800 x17
Void M x1223
Antipharmakon Kosybo x1
Antipharmakon Iokira x1


What was is your question then?

Here it’s such a long way up to the original post i’ll re-iterate the questions for you :


There ya go.

OP : Sniper prot isn’t going to work mega well solo since outside of scram / web range and not fast enough to kite. Realistically you’re pretty spot on with the close range brawler prot w/ single repper. There are interesting things that can be done with neuts and drones on a prot but if your drone skills are poor you could do a hell of a lot worse than a nice close up face punching proteus :blush:

Feel free to get in touch via EvE mail for tips on using that solo hunter prot :slight_smile: