24 Hour War HQ timer, is this a good ting?

24 Hour War HQ timer, is this a good ting?

It made sense when medium structures had 2 timers, where defenders couldn’t kill the HQ before the war ended. So they Reduced it Patch Notes March 2020;

Structures & Deployables:

  • Hull Reinforcement Duration for War Headquarters structures reduced to 24 hours (down from 4.5 days). This is intended to give defenders a realistic chance of taking down the HQ within 7 days. (24/03/2020)

Now with Medium structures only having 1 timer, is the 24-hour necessary? Would there be more meaningful/fun defense if your hade a couple of day to prepare.

Wait… so this is a move to reduce destruction?

Ive a better idea, just remove those damn Cores

What about circumventing war mechanics in general like RF’ing your own structure like you’ve been doing then putting wars on it because the RF timer is the only thing keeping your HQ alive?

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Haven’t we went through this already? If you don’t like the timers for a medium structure, put up a large structure and deal with it like every one else… aka Blackflag, SRS, and others. If you don’t have the people to save your war hq you shouldnt be declaring wars anyway.

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Nah, their mad because they messed with fire and got burnt. We won’t and will not allow them to have a war hq anymore.

So is that quote untrue?

@SvendHansen I suggest putting this in player ideas forums section. Here you are at the mercy of the general forum trolls and friends.

This change would only benefits wardeccers though. Fortizars and Azbels are fairly cheap which will also give you exactly what you need and a bit more firepower. I think I put my own one up for like 20bill but that is because I fitted it properly. We decided early on that with the changes to medium structures and using a medium structure as a war hq was just a bad idea.

To be fair though, with the current timers a large war HQ can be popped in 2 days if you time it well. So, in general, even large structure are short lived. RIOTs WarHQ would not be going down as often now if (whomever thought it was a good idea) attacked people they were warned not to attack.

As for the other off topic items: maybe that is something the two leaderships needs to chat about. They were warned and now each structure they dropped is a target. but lets see what happens. I am not leadership. :slight_smile:

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