Medium Structures

With the change to one timer only for Medium structures, could CCP add the ability to rep the shields to start the structure on a higher state of defence, as it is way too easy at the moment.

This does not of course change the timer setup, but enabling the defenders to rep the shields means that they can give a better defence at the single timer event.

Maybe they wanted the automated isk printer to be easy to kill.

Seems that way.

My suggestion is that they add the ability to rep the shields to get the shields up to full strength, but it does not affect the timer… This is so that people can do that for the important ones that they want to save and make it a bit harder. It should not affect the Nullsec FC’s from getting the bods to shoot them so should be something that the devs could throw at the scum that live around the edges. :wink:

Another issue is that people just reinforce when there is no defence and force an all or nothing defence, so people end up having timer after timer which is a last chance thing. This means that those with medium structures that use them end up in a cycle of continuous form up causing burnout, and all because certain FC’s were unable to get people to shoot medium structures, thank you CCP.

Yesterday a neutral that operates next to us had their medium structure reinforced, he called in help and no one showed up to attack it, so CCP is this what you wanted? The burnout is real!

Thats YOUR risk as station owner! Defending or leaving !

All this sounds like you just need better friends. :thinking:

If you can’t muster a defense for your station, regardless of size, than you don’t deserve to have it in space. Wanna guess why I’ve never deployed a station in my decades of EvE? :rofl:

I had one station of my own, was an Astrahus in Khafis in hisec actually, was attacked once only and they pinged the shield but did not do the armour.

I am talking about a group or coalition that does defend it’s structures.

I am not complaining on a personal level as I am not in the TZ when the timers come out, that is deep sleep time for me mate, but the US People have to alarm cloak to cover DT on Tuesday and Wednesday to cover the structures against that errant super or BLOP’s fleet, it gets a bit sad for them, for me it is fine because it is my TZ, but even I find it a bit boring having to man a station knowing that if they come in they will be saved by DT. It is boring…

Maybe CCP could make all medium structures invulnerable the half hour before DT, that would help a lot! Or get rid of DT!

There are many friends involved in these form-ups.

But you ignored the point, the system was changed to a single timer because nullsec alliance’s could not get people in fleet to do the first two timers on medium structures, so CCP listened to them and changed it. Now we have a continuous circle of reinforcement and form-ups for those that use medium structures, which is burning people out.

If you are fine with nullsec being held by just a couple of blocks with no one to shoot then continue thinking like you do. Hell, blue doughnut and all that, bad design has consequences, then you lot will all cry about hisec having too many people in it because…, you know the same old dumb cycle.

Personally I find it the most impressive thing that people will go out and try to hold space when they are so out-matched, I guess it is thinking like yours that makes the game what it is , I bet you would drop supers just before DT so you could not get caught and then tell me I need friends, LMAO.

You’ve had your explanation, and you even provided the reasoning yourself.

Anecdotes and insults don’t change any of that.

Now I’m leaving this thread until you learn to post in a coherent and intelligent manner. I don’t feel like translating whatever you write in into something rational.

Good riddance.

realy wierd oO you dont setup the timers to your preference ? Oo

you have 2 options at this point if you wanna change this

  1. dont have your own structure
  2. use a large structure

thats what other ppl want to reach ! if they cant match your numbers or just to fugg you up then they will RF your structures and just dont show on this timers. but if you want to be a station owner you have to accept this !

think to all the golden rules in eve :
you cant affort it, dont buy it !
the same with stations → you cant defend it ( you cant affort it ) then dont have your own !

Those statements were incorrect, not rational and rather insulting, they got answered, you got the answer they deserved.

Good riddance.

@Vuhdo_Rin I have you blocked for trolling and bad posting, I don’t read your garbage.

You cant handle the truth so you need to block ppl :wink: nice way to handle it xD

Small structures could be an interesting mechanism/feature.

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You talk about, a mobile depot ? Yeah… if you know how to use this then you can have a nice little outpost. Its enough for ppl who which cant defend medium structures

I have used Mobile Depots in the past, but haven’t used one in a while.

MTU’s are very useful too.

I like the mobile cyno beacon as I hate sitting in a ship waiting to be shot.

I like the observatories that enable me to de-cloak cloaky AFK campers.

I did use the siphon unit a few times in the past too.

What suggestions do you have? Are you thinking about a station that is smaller than a medium structure that people can live in perhaps? I have always wanted something like that with a stealth capability.

So to recap two changes needed:

  1. Enable shield repping so that when the medium structure comes out it has full shields, even better if you allow it to be taken out of the reinforcement cycle. People leaving them as junk will not bother doing this, people using them will.

  2. Make all medium structures invulnerable 30 minutes before DT, to stop the lame drop a cap and use DT to save them.

No… the “new” structures were not designed for manual repping ! Thats why they have a damage cap ! I know the shield damage cap is gone and still its not needed ! Defend it or dont have a structure …

No… why should CCP do this ? Only because youre not able to defend your structure before dt ? Thats called “■■■■ happens” :wink: if they do so then i want them to make them invul at a time of my choise ! You see … this doesnt make any sense

You’ve got a good 15 minutes to clear the hostiles off the structure. If you can’t manage that it was probably dying anyway.

If you are talking about hisec then you would be correct, except this is not about just hisec, the longer a fleet hangs around in lowsec and nullsec, the more possibility of a third party coming in to drop on them, surely you know this?

I 100% agree. I’ve always wanted to see them expand on deployables and small-scale methods like that. One could argue that small POS towers are basically in that category, but those are being phased out over time and the 0 upkeep deployables like mobile depot, MTU and containers are far more interesting IMO.

Honestly, as far as deployables go there are many things that I’d like to see, but I’m not sure they’d still be balanced as deployables. Like, being able to refine, research and manufacture might be a bit much for a little deployable, but some variant of an orca or squall designed to deploy for long periods of time and do those things while running an industrial core might be more balanced to enable those kinds of services. If it’s a ship then cloaking would also be an option like what you’re saying with stealth, but a “cloaking deployable” might not make much sense compared to a sensor dampener of some kind to mitigate scans.

If I had to suggest a couple easy deployables to make, they’d probably be:

  1. Mobile Repackaging Array: deploy with a long (5 minute?) setup time, takes up 500m3 while in cargo but once deployed it has a fleet hangar of 10,000 m3 and a ship maintenance bay of 150,000 m3, each of which enables you to right click on things you place inside and repackage them while in space. No reinforcement.
  2. Mobile Emission Dampener: Increases the sensor strength of all nearby ships and deployables within a 20km radius by 150 and reduces the signature radius of only deployables (not ships) by 50%, making them more difficult to scan with combat probes.
  3. Mobile Decryption Array: Deploy to grant friendly ships within 100km a +10 virus strength and +50 virus coherence, as well as a 75% chance to prevent a container from self-destructing on a failed hack.

That would work, perhaps requiring a max skilled and fully implanted prober would make things more interesting…