CCP / Dev clarification please

Have two questions I would like answered by CCP / DEV.

  1. Had a friend in game mining using WETU’s that were deployed. He got hot dropped and they were able to pop the WETU’s. Now they are supposed to go into Reinforced when taken down to 0. Says so in Attributes. But now I’m hearing that if you have enough DPS you can alpha them and blow them up. Seems like an exploit to me. If that was true I would think that CCP would have that information under Attributes to say if X amount of dps is done then the WETU is destroyed. Like you have the max dps you can put on a citadel under attributes. But that is not the case.

  2. As it’s been read if you try to bump a ship off of a citadel that is tethered that is considered an exploit. But now I’ve heard that if the ship is unable to dock due to size that you “can” bump it off the citadel and blow it up even though it is tethered. IE if you have a Titan / Super / Carrier / Rorqual tethered to a Athanor then it is ok to bump it off the tether due to the ship not being able to dock since it is too large for that citadel.

If a DEV or CCP could clarify what is true and what is not I and I’m sure many others would greatly appreciate it.

Mr B

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Not sure about the wetu, but there are no rules against bumping…

If you want it clarified by CCP, the community forum isn’t really the best approach.

Raise a support ticket, where a GM will read it and clarify for you.

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They have a TON of HP, I don’t think you can just Alpha them in a single shot. And if you reduce them past 25% Shields (not to mention taking any Armor or Structure damage) then they’re supposed to Reinforce for 2 days.

However, if they’re in the middle of Anchoring or Unanchoring, then they’re vulnerable. So I’d wager it’s more likely your friend was either in the middle of deploying it when the enemy arrived. Or they tried to Unanchor and scoop when the enemies appeared, and thus set themselves up for the loss.

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hey @Mr_BlingBlings

why you write here? write a support ticket


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See “Access Rights” in this HelpDesk article from Aug 3:

I say yes, no, yes, yes, no, Firemen, Teachers and so on in that order.

When anchoring a depo you can burn down the depo and destroy it b4 it finishes anchoring

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File a support ticket if you’d like clarification on what is and isn’t against the rules.

Cheers :heart: