Exploit or not( curious)

Noticed recently that large groups of high sec gankers are using citadels to tether at to subvert the navies from killing them… curious if its allowed or not! I know this kind of thing is relevant if interfering with concord , not sure about the navies?
Anyone clarifly for me ta!!

whole lot of navy ships around the citadel

This is not an exploit.

While it is exploiting the tether mechanism to thwart the fac police, it is not a declared game exploit so it will not be sanctioned by CCP. If you can bump them out of tether range, you can watch the pretty booooms…

Thx for info matey!!!

Its only deemed an exploit if it circumvents a CONCORD response, as these are just faction navies responding to them being -5 or below its not really an exploit, you can actually tank them and shoot the faction police if you really wanted to, they don’t drop anything of value though :stuck_out_tongue:

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