Allow everyone to use Ansiblex jump gates

I think it would be already a lot more interesting if the Jump gates were usable by everyone, not just the owner. That way having the gates actually becomes a dual edged sword instead of just a pure win. This means they are actually conceptually different from jump bridges besides just being a superior version (except for jumping capitals). This makes the downside of not having jump fatigue the fact that also your opponents can use your shortcuts.

Just get rid of the fuel cost per ship jumped and introduce a (significant) constant fuel usage. Allow capitals to jump or not, I don’t particularly care.

I have explained in this topic in more detail why the current implementation of the ansiblex jump gates is a mistake: Ansiblex jump gates are a mistake

Or you could you know, EARN that privilege.

-1 ezmode request.

Dude, plopping jumpgates without any negative consequences whatsoever is EZ mode. Those gates having the potential to be used against you is not.

Well if it is so easy do it yourself.


Gosh, it’s not like everybody is doing just that.

Problem solved!

They could turn this game into a CoD clone and you would still say defend it by saying you can still go out and shoot other players.

Oof too many poors hating on this idea

Not sure I understood your post properly, but I too am for a paywall keeping out the lowest of the low, the worst of the worst and the dumbest of the dumbest. Not talking about the OP.

Might you be referring to yourself in that case?

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