Ansiblex jump gates are a mistake

Ansiblex jump gates sound like a cool idea. Hey sweet I can link my alliance space together by placing a couple of gates and have everything close together. Super convenient, right?

Being so convenient is exactly the problem. It promotes umbrella spaces in which power of a single fleet is projected huge distances. It creates a mismatch between distances needed to attack and defend, nothing is more than a couple of jumps away for the defender. Large scale invasions can also use them for offensive purposes of course, but smaller operations and roams suffer.

DISTANCE is a good thing for Eve it creates opportunity for achieving local superiority and manoeuvring. Having numerical superiority has always been a part of EVE but that numerical superiority should be at a location, not omnipresent without travel time.

Jump bridges had the same problem which was tried to remedy using jump fatigue (which IMO is a really subpar solution). Ansiblex jump gates only have fuel costs, which means virtually unlimited power projection with enough resources. The only upside is that the gates are relatively easily destroyed.


Ansibles Jump gates do indeed make travelling a lot faster within alliance space. And while I understand that this extra ease of travel is not without downsides for the game, I mostly see the positive sides of Ansibles Jump Gates.

First, the Ansibles Jump Gates make you really feel like you ‘own’ the space. While space is never safe, these jump bridges let me take shortcuts that only I as local know to avoid enemies, or stab them in the back.

Second, Ansiblex Jump Gates are easy to shut down, making it a good target for small groups that want to use guerilla warfare against bigger groups by taking down parts of their infrastructure. You can’t easily take down a station, but shutting down a gate can really annoy people.

The only issue I see with the gates is the amount of them. I’m glad there’s a maximum of one per system, so players will always need to take at least one normal gate between ansiblex jumps. But even then I think there might be a potential for too many gates. There is a fine line between extra infrastructure for shortcuts, and just tying all the systems together in one big ball of wool.


That is blatantly wrong. They make it faster to anywhere you have access to Ansiblex gate. I can travel from the border to Pure Blind in Tribute to the border of Kalevala Expanse and into KE within no more than 10 jumps. A a lot of these areas are not PL space.

They are not easy to shut down. The most important of these gates are on Keepstars and Fortizars, which makes them very easy to defend and extremely hard to camp.

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These jump gates usually have two gates. Unless both of those gates are on a Keepstar or Fortizar, I’m sure you can find some lesser defended gates.

Sure if you set everyone to blue that can happen.

It’s a dumb idea by people who don’t understand their own game and promoted by the null lobby CSM.

Game development 101: insta travel is bad as it circumvents the game world and makes it smaller


You may or may not remember when CCP changed the old JB systems, it didn’t go over very well …

Today’s JB’s are just fine! they can be shut down pretty easily by just a small roaming gang and completely knocked out by an invading alliance

I think the problem you have OP is the lack of ability to adjust your tactics, but by all means let the salt mine flow because it’s easier that way huh?

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Of course. Which are also never next to a jump beacon, so that people can never easily respond to attacks. Naturally. :facepalm:

No one cares about small groups that use their jump bridges and cannot defend them. The vast majority of these things and in particular the most important quick travel routes are nigh incontestable.

You do not have to have blue standing for that to happen. That’s what ACL are for. You do not have to have a big blob to easily defend your important jump gates on a Fortizar.

now imagine if you used that to go out and actually find content… I mean it would mean leaving your super umbrella, and I get that can be scary. but small gang pvp needs buffs right! if only you could go out and roam with a small gang conveniently and easily.


Please look at my killboard. I don’t need an umbrella to find content and if you would pay attention to my posting you would know that I want all titans, supers and rorqs eradicated from EVE.

You, on the other hand, your killboard is very … let’s say it is very monotonous. :innocent:

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The thing is you never need to leave your umbrella any more because your umbrella is now everywhere. Yeah sure you can’t jump around the supers but the rest of your fleet now extents as far as you want.

then why aren’t you going out picking fights and making content?

More then a few corporations disbanded and their members quit eve because of JGs.

then why aren’t you going out picking fights and making content?

Imagine actually discussing what impact features have on the game. Let’s not say anything ever when features are added that are detrimental to the health of the game, nope wouldn’t want that.

That’s the whole ■■■■■■■ point.

How is projection of a single fleet over all of space a desirable design aspect.

Which is a problem as it allows for space empires surrounded by no man’s land, making actual fights nigh impossible and mostly meaningless. I’m sure you understand this, it’s nothing new.

See below.

I absolutely understand this. I can also understand that you two are hellbent on this being a bad idea, ignoring what CCP’s intentions might be.

Before that, though, you need to accept, that the people at CCP aren’t just stupid simply because they’re not doing what you guys believe to be what they should be doing.

So how about you figure this out yourselves. Here’s a hint:

When CCP gives you gates allowing people to travel around their space, combined with an Access List allowing alliances to also allow other alliances, corporations or pilots to travel …

… what do you get?


Stagnant space krabbing empires, for carebears. OH WHAT FUN!


Close enough.

You get a player controlled highsec, with the CONCORD equivalent being whatever police force the alliances are willing to cyno in.

Do you believe that nullsec, as space for “colonization”, would be always like it was? That’s not how colonization works. Nullsec is done in these regards. We’re getting NewSpace™ to be colonized eventually.

See: Abyssal Space and whatever it brings in the future.


Yeah I’m sure you’re not biased at all.