Option: Bring your own Fuel Ansiblex

Pretty straight forward: To make logistics for large alliances a little bit less tedious and open up at least the option of using jump bridges in bigger ships (not only capitals, also freighters) without everyone freaking out about the refueling effort, make two small changes:

  • Allow the structure owner to set a mass limit on the gate. Ships above the limit can’t use the LO of the gate to jump to the other side
  • If the ship is above the mass limit it can only jump if it has enough LO in their cargo/fuel hold to “pay” for the jump

NB: This wouldn’t actually change anything, since technically you can already do everything this change does (except set a mass restriction). Capitals could easily deposit LO in the gate before jumping, it’s just a PITA to make sure everyone is doing it, so alliances generally don’t allow it.

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I like this. Now I can fly my Orca through the gate without incurring the wrath of Nidia.

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