Eve Structures not behaving like a ship

My understanding is that eve structures are essentially nothing but immovable ships with additional functionality enabled by adding ‘service modules’ and some hackery in the backend to allow many players to be docked at once.

Short of accelerating or warping, pretty much anything one can do in a ship, one should be able to do in a structure when one has taken control.

However, this seems to be completely broken with regard to trade skills.

For example, put yourself in a freighter alone in space…click on the market tab, select some item to buy, click buy and use your remote buy skills to buy something 5-10 jumps away in some npc station somewhere in the same region. Works fine. Done all the time in every ship from shuttle to almost anything.

It even worked in old POS’s and control towers.

Now do that in a structure. It refuses. It says the market service module needs to be installed…despite the fact that one isn’t placing a local buy order or doing anything that require a local market. Bug.

However, I think CCP has done this on purpose to incentive structure owners to buy market service modules. Except, that market service modules are known to make structure much bigger targets. There really isn’t a good reason for this behavior.

Market Modules don’t help there either. You cannot sell items to a BO in a citadel from another Citadel. That is because CCP had to turn that off so that you could not accidentally buy things in a structure without access or get things sold to you in a structure without access. The entire structure system is a flawed mess and CCP doesn’t care.

Thanks for the insight. I can see how markets and structures can complicate things, but I still think its horribly broken that one can not do in a structure what one can do in a freighter. There is no guarantee my freighter has access to that the other markets either.

Ships and Structures are not the same; while they do have some commonalities, like the way they are fitted using the fittings window.

That really isn’t an answer. And, even if it was, it would be an annoying one for users. Player Owned Starbases, which structures are replacing, were meant to not only be focuses for conflict and control, but also safe spaces where defenders in system could do their normal eve activities before re-entering dangerous territory (consider a structure in wormhole space for instance). For many of us, managing market orders is something that we do non stop everywhere. To force us to undock just to update a silly market order or do anything is just broken.

I don’t feel like it is a bug. I think it’s just that, If a structure doesn’t have a market module, then you cannot access the market at all. Like WiFi. If you don’t have access, you can’t use the internet on your phone via WiFi.

I feel like that’s the same concept or similar to why if a structure has no market module, you can’t access the market at all.

Interesting. I manage my markets from Upwell structures all the time. The only structures visible to me are those where I have docking rights - I bought materials for fuel blocks this morning and flew to 4 systems (2 NPC stations and 2 player owned structures) to pick the stuff up. I haven’t tried remotely selling to buy orders but have no problem remotely creating sell orders for stockpiled product in my regional trade hub. What kind of transaction isn’t working?

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