Additional service modules for Astrahus

Let’s give some love to Astrahus and make it useful hub for small teams…

Standup Trade Office I
Limited version of ‘Standup Market Hub I’ which allows private access to in-game market sell/buy functionality (orders visibility controlled by ACL without “public access” possible) and support trade inside corporation, alliance, coalition or “blue” members without a need for out-of-game tools.
Additional limits (like number of active order slots the module can host) might be needed if that supports game balance.
Fuel consumption: 10 units/cycle
Can fit to: Citadel, Engineering Complex, Refinery
(I’m aware of similar Standup Trading Post, my idea is to limit module for private usage only)

Standup Communication Office I
Communication services to reduce a need for out-of-game tools. They could also serve owners of public structures to provide announcements to their customers.

  • bulletins board - same functionality as corp/alliance bulletin (limited number of posts, limited size of message, allow links to fittings, in-game items and locations) but access controlled by ACL,
  • calendar - same functionality as regular in-game calendar but access controlled by ACL,
  • fittings database - same functionality as private/corporation fittings, but access controlled by ACL,
  • chat channel - only between people who are docked in the structure.
    Services above could use existing in-game tools and should work only when docked inside the structure or might have some skill (maybe in “Social” group) to access them remotely.
    Fuel consumption: 10 units/cycle when it is only active service, less when other services are online
    Can fit to: Citadel, Engineering Complex, Refinery

Hard pass. Standup trade module will just result in some guy making you play whack-a-raitaru by making half of Eve blue. Standup communications office is stupid because we already have out of game tools that don’t cost fuel.

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