New idea for a citadel specific service module

I would like to suggest a new service module.

That service module should be an “Agent communication nexus”.

A medium citadel should be able to maintain communications with a single agent, large one with two and the xl one with 3 agents.

The way it should work is that only npc corps that you have enough standing with, would be able to sell an agent communication uplink that can be attached to the nexus. The agents would just be non descript agents of a certain level and type (except storyline).

And the caveat here is that while you can do missions from the citadel, you won’t be able to spend lp at the citadel. You would need to go to an existing npc station for that.

Agent rewards can be taxed by the station owner.


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This is recurring theme and I believe the possibility was mentioned in one of the early devblogs by CCP Ytterbium.

As a player - why would I pay taxes on my mission rewards if I can request the same mission at an NPC station tax free?

As a station owner, why would I pay the fuel cost for the service module - probably in the 100 million/month range if I’m competing with NPC stations that offer the same service free?


Well for me the reasons are: location location location. You can set up your own mission hub. You can set up your station so the storyline agent is within the same system. That would be huge. In the case of distribution missions, you can place you station close to where constellations border on each other. That way you would get mostly short distance missions, which would up your hourly gain significantly, especially in a blockade runner.

As a missionrunning station owner, you would basically be able to pay for fuel by doing one of the better missions (security). Besides, as ceo of a corp, I would be able to put taxes on missions my members run at npc stations and still get the same deal out of it. But by putting the missions “on our turf”, it would be semi possible to run missions during war time, which is something mission runner corps aren’t really able to do now.

We’ve probably all tried joining a corp that had its main base very far from where we ran missions, with all the complications that gives. With this service module, that situation could be solved quite comfortably.

All in all, I would totally pay that, even out of my own pocket, just so my members would have that convenience.


The station I spend a lot of time in does.

honestly im not against it, i think it would be cool if you could invite any agent into your citadel for any faction.

I think level 5 missions need to stop being limited to low sec only and let them be in 0.0 and maybe even make level 6 missions.

But at the same time i also think they should create more ESS’s, the LP gain from them is great but i think we need more options then the 4 empire navy’s… id like to see all factions have them.

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