Suggestion for a Citadel service module

A service module
It will have a fuel cost 2-4 fuel an hour. Adjustable to CCP’ balance.

The service module can be activated like a moon drill can; activation cost 1000 fuel, cycle time is 2 hour. (So you can only activate it once every 2 hour)
The service module can only be fitted to a citadel - Astrahus, Fortizar or Keepstar.

For 5 minutes ALL cloaking in the system is deactivated.
The activation of the module needs to be delayed for 1 minute and broadcasted in advance to everyone in system via sound or log entry (NOT a pop-up), so that as the active cloaked camper gets a warning that they need to get ready to move out.

The service module can only be activated if you hold SOV in the system (This won’t break wormholes then. wormhole interference won’t let it active, something like that…)

The 5 minutes gives people enough time to scan down previously cloaked people and kill them…
5 minutes isn’t long enough, that you can’t warp around uncloaked and not get caught, or leave system - wait and then come back. It does however force the camper to be active…

Active camping is a great form of warfare, the ones not playing the game are not.

This would make it a purely defensive module as it would not work unless your alliance had SOV in the system.

Please come with constructive criticism for improvements.
Will update with new ideas or suggestions if they are in line with this module.

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