Cloaking modules getting overheating damage over the time being active

Idea short:
Cloaking modules getting overheating damage over the time being active. And can be repaired as any other modules via nanites or station’s Repairshops .

Now why:
We all know cloaked campers in NullSecs… With minimal efforts they are ruining a game experience for locals… So let’s make them to do at least some actions to staying alive. I’m not against this kind of activity at all, but I want to give locals a chance to catch those campers. For now it’s only possible to catch them at their login, or if they got disconnected unexpectedly. Both ways are pure luck…
So imagine Cloaking modules getting damage being active, and will burn down complietly after like 8-12 hrs of work. That will mean that those campers should decloak and repair it if they want to stay. Yes they sure will be able to warp through spots and hide, but at least they’ll need to do some actions and not just login at 11:15 and press cloak.
As for regular relick/data hunters and standard PVP activities that includes cloacking 8-12 hrs is a massive time, and while you are moving it’s pretty easy to find empty system and have couple of minutes to get repair.

Pls don’t rage if my english is not perfect, i’m doing my best.

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