Is there another active module like the cloak?

Is there any module that can be activated that has no cycle time and consumes no resources beside the cloak?

I thought about this for a minute and have to say I don’t know any.
But I wonder who one comes up with such a question.

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Someone who wants to point out the multiple points at which CCP is being completely hypocritical about its principles.

The damage control unit was like that before it was made a passive module in 2016.

Oh I see… :no_mouth:

Is there any other active module that prevents you from doing ANYTHING ELSE while it is active?

Cloaks do use resources. They are fueled by tears…


Do we really need another thread of tears? Your other one is still plenty active.


lol… as though pointing out blatant hypocrisy has anything to do with tears.

Anything to do with cloaks has its roots in tears.

This is almost EVE Lore now.

If you start a thread on cloaks, at some point you will be crying about them.


Sorry, this is about hypocrisy on the part of CCP.

EVE has so many different, delicious varieties of tears to choose from. Ganking tears, cloak tears, ECM tears, bumping tears, tethering tears, cyno tears…

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Which perceived one this time?

The damage control unit didn’t work like a cloak. It used cap and cycled like any other hardener. A cloak seems still a bit different from the old DCU before it was made passive.

If anything perhaps the Micro Jump Drive has a unique mechanic to it, too, but it’s again a different one.

This is how the cloak should work: active for a period of time (5 mins), and then a 10 sec cool down before it can be activated again

You’d still never find the camper and you’d still be frozen with fear and unable to undock…

At this point, can anything remotely new be said about cloaky camping? In before merge to oblivion.


Nope. That’s why the entire argument has been condensed into a single thread…

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They could try to put a cloak onto the thread. :ghost:


Is this an attempt to start another cloaky camping thread?