Proposal: New service module for citadels - "Aegis module"

Hello peeps. This is sort of a synthesis of few ideas flying around in the recent days. I hope that more people, especially from w-space, lowsec and highsec would add their thoughts here in this thread.

The idea is meant to partially solve or ease the problems with too many people in the system during the structure citadel timer, too many citadels in a system generally, and partially neutralise any issues with the current timer mechanisms (beachhead citadels 1000km from the sieged keepstar/sotiyo , 15min repair timer)

Behold, new citadel module:

Aegis module.

The implementation of the module requires citadels to have shields attackable anytime (this will happen soon) and that successful attack would generate standard structure timer ONLY, not armor and then structure timer as it is now.

If a citadel has aegis module online, successful shield attack generates an armor timer and a structure timer. For medium and large structures, these would be the standard timers. For XL structures like Keepstars or Sotiyos a structure timer would generate aegis-like command nodes all over the constellation. It doesn’t necessarily have to be literally entosising of command nodes, it could be ministructures as discussed here and further.

In w-space, this module would generate command nodes in the same system. Alternatively, it would generate standard armor and structure timers even for XL structures.

Aegis module can be onlined under following conditions:

  • In highsec: always (or it might require some standings or additional items as a fuel a la old iteration of POSes)

  • In w-space, non-FW lowsec and NPC nullsec: always

  • In FW lowsec: always, except when the system is owned by the enemy militia and upgraded to lvl 5. This is debatable, as this can make the citadel defense highly unstable, also it may start a snowball effect.

  • In sov null: if owned by the same alliance, or if not owned by anyone. This means defenders who own the system would have a benefit of the armor and the structure timer, while attackers would have only simple structure timer, with beachhead citadels acting essentially as command nodes.

This would force people to spread over multiple systems, which is what aegis-sov intended to achieve. Beachhead citadels and 15min repair timer would be relevant only for armor timer, which is essentially just a test of the strength of the attackers. Clearing a lot of enemy citadels in conquered area would be also easier, due to no armor timer as soon as someone captures said system, but not earlier (i.e. it is not possible just to destroy enemy TCU in sov or to flip the system in FW to easily kill enemy citadels, you need to do additional steps for it).

Obviously, the idea can be modified, nodes over the constellation might be implemented for fortizars or even astrahuses as well, or it can be extended to armor timer as well, etc etc.

Any thoughts?

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